Friday, 3 October 2014

Review: GaleForce 9

A friend of mine has been lamenting the fact that we have no water features in our terrain collection. So being the kind and considerate soul that I ma I had a look for what I could do to rectify the situation. Ultimately, due to time constraints I knew I wouldn't be able to make it (despite some excellent tutorials out there), but would have to buy it. There is tons of resin casters out there so I looked there, but they seemed rather expensive. Then I found GaleForce 9. Prepainted terrain peices? Sounds good, although I did question how good is it painted?, or would I simply have to repaint it? Ultimately I gave them a shot, to see what it was like. Here is my result.

 Fully painted sounds great, but I wasn't sure of the quality. Picture looks nice though.

Nice info on the back. The dimensions seemed okay, and its nice to have the base sizes represented in the lower left corner. 

 Nice neat polystyrene packaging.
 This I was rather impressed with. Custom cut to fit the exact river sections. Very nice and snug. Awesome for storage.
 The back looked promising as well. Not too hard, a little flexible, and not too rough as to damage the table.
 This I considered a little odd. As I intended this for our gaming table, which is not verdant green, I could live with out this tiny sachet. However I seriously doubt that thing could coat much, let alone three river pieces.
 Not a hope for this to do that.
 Ultimately the final test as putting it together. And as I suspected, there is infinite ways to combine them, even with the other River expansions that they have released.

Overall, very happy with the purchase. I also got River bends, Ponds and River islands I believe. Not too expensive for a ready made river sections that are durable and come pre-painted. Considering that the River sections come pre-painted, very close to my existing table, so much the better.

If I was buying this for a nice green table, I'd admit to being a little irritated by the small sachet of green static grass, but then again, most gamers would have scores of the stuff, let alone if you did a table with it, so not too big an issue. I'm just glad they let you decide what extra flock to put on the sections. Makes it very customisable to anyones table.

So I say if like me, and you were hounded by a Lizardmen player, that wins more than he loses, about the lack of water features so he can use his special rules. This might be worth considering. Then again, you could always tell him to bugger off.

Thanks for looking!


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