Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Warriors of Chaos - Skullcrushers complete!

Finished my Skullcrushers! Or perhaps they should be called Terrorgheist Smackos? Either way they are done. I still need to add a Sashimono to the back of the 'champion' model, but other than that, they are pretty much complete.


 I made the flail, out of a Chaos knight Mace, 2 Marauder Flails and the haft out of the Skullcrusher weapon (I think).

Originally I was going to do all their weapons with the green glow effect on them, but didn't know how to proceed on the mace or sword, so I just kept them regular, and just added blood as usual. Either way, they are done now. Though I am now pondering what to paint next. Could be some more Empire or maybe some more Chaos. We shall see.

Either way, thanks for looking!


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