Monday, 20 March 2017

Land Riader Caledonia complete!

Well I have an update on the Land Raider Phobos that I posted a while a go. After a recent game, in which it survived 3 turns of shooting, I found some motivation to get it painted and did so.

So here is the Land Raider Caledonia

I acknowledge the weathering on the side, where I wet the powders wasn't the best, and I'll fix that at some stage, when it annoys me enough, but I think I can live with it for the moment and move on to finish Archamus.

I tried to fix the shield so used a slightly smaller one from an old Bretonnian sprue I had lying around. Keen to hear some feedback.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Imperial Fists showcase

I was asked recently for an army shot. Thought it has been awhile, and since it was sunny, thought I'd give it a shot.

Lords of War
Rogal Dorn
Fellblade 'Eidelweiss'

Alexis Polux
4 Power Armour Praetor/Consul/Captain
2 Librarians
1 Chaplain
1 Power armour command squad
2 Primaris Medicae

10 Veterans in Power Armour
6 Terminators
8 Huscarls
2 Dreadnoughts

Tactical Squad I (Rhino)
Tactical Squad II(Rhino)
Tactical Squad III (Rhino)
Legion Breacher Squad
Recon Squad (Scouts)

Fast Attack
3 Land Speeders

Heavy Support
2 Land Raider Proteus
1 land Raider Phobos
Land Raider Spartan
7 Devastators
1 Leviathan

 All this comes to around 7300pts all painted. Quite pleased with it. I have finished the Land Raider I was working on, and will post some closeups soon.

Thanks for looking.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Archamus the Praetorian of Dorn, Master of the Huscarls

I've finally decided to make Archamus, the main character from the Praetorian of Dorn novel. He was a great character in that book, and since finishing it, I've wanted to make him, and include him with my Fists.
 Image result for archamus

To that end, I have looked around for the most appropriate model, and think I have found something I can live with.

 He is headless at the moment, as I am still awaiting that bit, so hopefully that comes soon. The main body is the old Masters of the Chapter. I used a Maxmini bionic arm, as Archamus has a bionic arm and leg. I figured the leg would be encased in the leg armour, but thought the bionics were cool enough to have for his arm. The 'mace' or Thunder Hammer, is from the Games Day space marine, which I have struggled to get any use out of, despite it being such a cool model. So Im glad I nabbed that.

I also green stuffed the back, just like the picture from the book. The head of course will be bearded just like the illustration.

Still, quite happy with the progress so far. I have also made plans to assemble a Huscarl squad in power armour, to use as veterans. I will post more when the parts do arrive.

As always, thanks for looking.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

30k Battle 1500pt Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion

This was the first game form 2017 a few weeks back. We both took a lot of infantry, though I as usual went for my armour, and my friend went for shenanigans.  It was a relaxing fun game, where I broke my usual rule of fully painted and took a few wip units to try out. Namely an outrider squad and a Land Raider Phobos.

We decided to play a mission we hadn't played before, where each objective marker is randomly rolled at the end of the game to see what it was worth. Anything from negative to positive victory points.With 1500 pts a side, we went for it.

Imperial Fists 1500pts
Praetor in Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, paragon blade, digi lasers
Terminator command squad with storm shields in a Land Raider Phobos (my friend kindly let me have this option)

3 tactical squads in Rhinos

9 Outriders with power axes

Alpha Legion 1500pts

5 Siege Tyrants

2 Tactical sqauds

2 veteran tactical squads with missile launchers

The deployment
Imperial Fists deployment, with my new bike squad.
Sneaky Alpha Legion deployment.
Alpha Legion 1st Turn
A tactical squad moves towards the centre of the board, while a hail of fire erupts from the Siege Tyrants inflicting 3 hull points on my new Land Raider. Some missiles also do a hull point of damage to a rhino as well.
Imperial Fists 1st Turn
With a roar, the armour all drive up to a couple of buildings that have the Alpha Legion holed up in. The bikes move up, but are a fraction of an inch from assaulting the building. It was also at this stage that I realised that my bikes probably couldn't assault up in a building.

Alpha Legion 2nd Turn
Everything opens up at the Imperial Fists tanks. The Land Raider amazingly suffers nothing from all the shots, while the tactical squad on foot assaults the lead rhino and wrecks it with a melta bomb.

Imperial Fists 2nd Turn
All out! 30 tactical marines hit the dirt, along with the Huscarls.
The bikes redeploy towards some outflanking tacticals.
The Huscarls assault the building containing the tactical squad, and wipe them out. The 30 tacticals let rip into the veteran tactical squad in the ruins, killing all but 3.
Alpha Legion 3rd Turn
A saboteur turns up, throwing some wretched concoction of demolitions, but fails to do any damage the the Land Raider.
The outflanking tacticals try and move away from the bikes, and open up on them. I believe they suffered a few casualties. The Land Raider finally goes down to the Siege Tyrants.

Imperials Fists 3rd Turn
Huscarls make a dash for the Siege Tyrants building.
The bikes redeploy in front of the saboteur.
At this stage you can tell I have lost a bit of armour in these tight streets. The bikes assault the saboteur and wipe him out. The 20 tacticals wipe out the veterans left over in the building on the bottom right. The other 10 tacticals hop back into the only functioning armour left and make for the other building with veterans in it.
Alpha Legion 4th Turn
Imperial Fists 4th Turn
Alpha Legion 5th Turn
The Siege Tyrants move to a better position and rain death on tactical squad 2, hunkered out side their building. 2 survive the onslaught.

Imperial Fists 5th Turn
Realising it is towards the end, and with the loss of the praetor and the Huscarls, the Imperial Fists begin preserving strength and hunker down on objectives.
Alpha Legion 6th Turn
The Siege Tyrants trudge out of their building to smoke the last 2 members of Tactical Squad 2. Otherwise they consolidate an objective.

Imperial Fists 6th Turn
The remaining marines just bunker down on some objectives, hoping they will be worth the price that was paid to secure them.

Final victory points.

Alpha Legion: 10
Imperial Fists 7

I know where it went down hill for me, though I was primarily trying out my new units. The bikes were a mixed bag of disappointment again. Though this time they weren't wiped out having achieved nothing, so I can't completely fault them. The Land Raider did a sterling job staying alive to turn 3, surviving all the Krak missiles. Definitely needs a paint job for such a heroic effort.

Close game in the end, and certainly had its swaying moments, but it came through for the Alpha legion in the end. Adalwulf will have his rewenge!

Thanks for looking.