Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dissent in the ranks Campaign - Wrath of Dorn

Well, it finally happened. Finished the last game of the 30k campaign started over a year ago. If you would like to go back to the beginning of this journey, click here.

This game was a 1000pt Zone Mortalis game set in an alternate 30k universe. Some Imperial Fists have separated from Dorn, and are intent on joining the secessionists, along with Polux. Sigismund was the main man fighting them, and won enough games to warrant Dorn's attention. This last game is Dorn finally coming to the piece, and exacting so good old fashioned retribution.

This game uses the Space Hulk tiles to represent an underground base. We used all the ZM rules, other than the cold void rules as that didn't make sense due to the stable atmosphere of this subterranean base. Otherwise, we used the rules I have used previously here. It was also decided that all models and units would be fearless as my forces, led by Dorn, are hellbent on destroying the foe and will not give up While the rebel Fists have no where to run to, other than the exit.

For this game I got Dorn for free (pretty sweet), and my friend got a 10 Veteran tactical marines with Stubborn, plus any other upgrades for free.

Here are the army lists (as much as I can remember)

Loyalist Imperial Fists (1000pts)
Primarch's Chosen RoW

Dorn (free)

Primaris Medicae
Artificer Armour
Solarite Power Guantlet

5 Templar Brethren
Combat Shields
Solarite Power Guantlet


7 Huscarls
Power Sword
2 Chainfists
Power Maul
3 Thunder Hammers

10 Veteran Tactical Marines
2 Heavy Bolters with suspensor webs

 Veterans plus medic
 Dorn leading the Templar Brethren, with the Primaris Medicae.
 Solid Huscarls again lend their aid.

Secessionist Imperial Fists
Pride of the Legion RoW
Cataphracti Terminator Armour
Storm Shield
Paragon Blade
Digi Lasers

Sons of Guilleman Veteran tactical Squad (free)
Missile Launcher with suspensor web

5 Terminators
Tartaros Terminator Armour
Assualt Cannon
Power Sword
3 Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers

10 Veteran Tactical squad


5 Veteran Tactical squad
Heavy Bolter with suspensor web

5 Veteran Tactical squad

The Game
Having played a game before hand that was quite one sided, we changed the deployment, so only the Sons of Guilliman were deplyed in the starting area, with the rest of the rebel Imperial Fist forces deplyed around the facility to help them escape. The loyalists who made it to the facility, were deployed in a flanking position on both sides, so the SoG would have to be quick to outrun them.

Loyalist Imperial Fists were to primarily eliminate the SoG squad, if done, then game won and campaign ended. If not done, then secondary objectives would be victory points and gathering intel represented as dice in certain locations on the board.

Secceionists were to get the SoG to escape off the board to the left, if done with 5 or more marines, then that is a win for them, and there would be another campaign game after. Secondary objectives would be victory points.

I kept to tradition and failed to sieze the initiative (I can't remember the last time I had first turn...)

 Secessionist Turn 1
 All the units move out as you can see, with the veteran units close to Dorn, making sure they had some good firing lines, and that it wouldn't be an easy charge (it was ruled early on that units could charge around corners).

Loyalist Turn 1
Dorn and the Templar Brethren (with Primaris Medicae in tow) rush towards the large unit of veterans, hoping to eliminate them early. The Huscarls and loyalist veterans just moved as far as they could. With no shooting, Dorn charges at the veterans, with them succeeding in inflicting 2 wounds with their sniper shots!
Dorn and the Templar's then wipe them out, consolidating towards the smaller 5 man vet squad with the Heavy Bolter.

Secessionists Turn 2
Everything that can more, moves as far as it can, with the praetor providing the precious squad some padding. The 5 man vet squad near Dorn, falls back, and opens up, causing another wound to the primarch!

Loyalist Turn 2
Dorn rushes and wipes out the demi squad of veterans, and took the intel in the room to boot. The Huscarls move close to the center passages, whereas the other veteran squad takes some pot shots at the 5 man enemy vet squad near the,, and then roll snake eyes for assault.

Secessionist Turn 3
 Lots of action this turn. The secessionist terminators charge the Huscarls, the demi vet squad shoots up my veteran squad, killing 3 marines plus the medic with a precision shot. The praetor then charges in, tanking all the shots, and gets into combat with them. The SoG sqaud advance along the center passage, free from obstruction.
The assault did not go well for the loyalists. The terminator fight was 1 killed each, though I proved again that 2+ armour saves are easy to fail. The praetor annihilates the veterans, with only the heavy bolters left to hold him up with their lives.

Loyalist Turn 3
Dorn and his squad charge the enemy terminators in an effort to free up his Huscarls. Combat ensured that there was still 2 enemy terminators left, now holding up my whole army. The veterans against the praetor was very short lived.

Secessionist Turn 4
 Deciding to go for a gamble, and take the quick way, the SoG run past the big melee, with the praetor and demi squad moving up in support, to get close to the action. His 2 remaining thunder hammer, storm shield terminators needed to hold up my forces for one more turn and it would look very favourable. Despite their heroic actions, they all fell to the mass attacks, and Dorn, along with all his remaining forces, consolidated towards the main objective.

Loyalist Turn 4
 Dorn and the Templars move up to the door and open it to see their objective running along the corridor. The Huscarls go around the other way, to head them off.
 All of the loyalist forces charge the objective squad...
...they manage to kill a Templar, but are wiped out for their trouble. With the main mission complete for the loyalists, the game comes to an end.
The remaining forces scatter before the titanic fury of the primarch!

So the last game of the campaign turned out to be a loyalist victory. It was good to finally wrap up the campaign, and Dorn is now firmly on the loyalist side for the rest of the campaign.

It was an enoyable mini campaign and it was good to finally use that primarch model, that I have had for many years.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Battle of Roger's Drift 1200pt Heresy Battle

The battle of Roger's Drift was a 30k game that I got to play using my new terrain I have been working on, so it was nice to draw it all together and of course have a laugh, drink some fine ale and roll some dice.
The Armies

1200pts Imperial Fists
Legion Praetor Lachdannan 165
- Solarite Power Gauntlet
- Iron Halo
- Digital Lasers

Legion Tactical Squad I 170
- Power Fist
- Melta-bombs

Legion Tactical Squad I 165
- Power Sword
- Melta-bombs

Legion Tactical Squad I 170
- Power Fist
- Melta-bombs

10 Veteran Tacticals 255
- 2 Heavy Bolters with Suspensor Webs
- Power Fist
- Artificer Armour

Apothecary 45

7 Legion Heavy Support 210
- 6 missile  launchers
- Augury Scanner

Alpha Legion
Autilon Skorr

Legion Tactical Squad Alpha
- Artificer Armour

Legion Tactical Squad Gamma
- Artificer Armour
Legion Tactical Squad Sigma
- Artificer Armour

5 Tyrant Siege Terminators

Land Raider Proteus

The Battle
So for this battle, I have my Imperial Fists ground plodding to make contact with a rumoured enemy force. Very fitting, as most of the Alpha Legion were tricksy and infiltrating. They also got to deploy first (2 units, everything else infiltrating), and get the first turn (I failed to seize the initiative).

The deployment of forces, not a whole lot of Alpha Legion.
Siege Tyrants this end, and on the other extreme flank, the Land Raider Proteus.
All my tactical squads plus the Praetor Lachdannan and Heavy support team deploy here in the centre. Due to the Warlord trait I rolled, the Tactical Veterans will Deep Strike down.

Alpha Legion Turn 1
The Land Raider Proteus rolls around with its guns on the Heavy support team. Three Alpha Legion Tactical squads pop out of the ruins just ahead, with a third deploying behind some terrain at the far end of the board to claim some extra VP's.
The land Raider, and those two tactical squads unleash it all on the Heavy Support team. Both Tactical squads do Fury of the Legion. As the dust clears at the end, 4 Marines  lie in pieces, with the remaining 3 sticking to their guns and pass their morale check.

Imperial Fists Turn 1
Tactical Squads II and III move towards the Land Raider and the 2 tactical squads, knowing they have expended their ammunition for the short term. Tactical squad I on the right flank, move towards the Siege Tyrants.
The combined fire from both Tactical squads wipe out half of the enemy tacticals in the building.
Tactical Squad I got lucky and claimed a terminator.

Alpha Legion Turn 2
Both Alpha Legion tactical squads attempt to move into the buildings, with only the depleted squad able to move through the terrain. What they didn't realise is that both my squads could still see them through the windows facing them.
The Siege Tyrants blast the squad, along with long range shots from the land Raider. The squad, despite their dead sergeant, pass their morale.

Imperial Fists Turn 2
Both tactical squads continue to advance towards the enemy warlord, and shoot the squad through the windows, riddling a further 2 marines with bolts.

The veterans Deep struck down right behind the Terminators, with the remnants of the tactical squad advancing to see them in action...
...and they killed 3, leaving only 1 left, full of fury!

Alpha Legion Turn 3
The warlord and the remnants of his squad pile into the Land Raider, while the other tacticals (with their 2nd Fury of the Legion!) and the land Raider pump fire into the Praetor's tactical squad. Obviously the Emperor was smiling, as despite something around 40 shots, and lascannons, only 4 marines fell from that attack.
The lone Terminator looks to finish things off and kills 2 marines with krak missiles and assaults in, killing another 1. The marines fall back, though the Terminator is too slow and just consolidates.

Imperial Fists Turn 3
The remnants of Tactical Squad I rally, and snap shot ineffectively at the lone terminator that claimed their squad.
On the other flank, both squads advance, along with the veteran with all units, bar the Praetor's squad throwing their fire into the Apha Legion squad bunkered down in the ruins. I think only 1 or 2 fell. 
The Terminator finally goes down, bot to krak missiles, or the Tactical Marines, but the Heavy Support sgt, with his old bolter.
The Praetor and his squad assault the Land Raider, and attempt to strap some melta bombs to it, though to no avail, all miss their mark!
Alpha Legion Turn 4 

The land raider moves back, and puts some lascannons into the squad that assaulted it, killing the sgt. The tactical squad moves down a level, but fail their assault move into the praetor. The squad right at the back, continues to move towards the Imperial Fists lines.

Imperial Fists Turn 4
The praetor Lachdannan and the remnats of his squad move roufn the cover to go for the Alpha Legion squad in the ruins. The veterans continue to move forward and take some shots at the sqaud to help out the praetor.

Tactical Squad II halts its advance and responds to the hew threat of Alpha Legion tacticals flanking them. They put some pot shots through.
Between Lachdannan and his squad, they wipe out the Alpha Legion squad and consolidate towards the land Raider again, with melta bombs in hand.

Alpha Legion Turn 5
The Land Raider tank shocks Lachdannan's depleted unit, though they deftly jump aside. They took a couple of lascannon hits for their trouble.
The Alpha Legion squad unleash Fury of the Legion (the 4th Fury of the Legion unleashed by the Alpha Legion this game!), and cut down 2 marines. My armour saves were running hot this game!
Imperial Fists Turn 5
Tactical Squad II returns fire with their own Fury of the Legion, and cuts down all but 2 marines. The Heavy Support marines with krak missiles peg the other 2, wiping the sqaud out.
Lachdannan and his depleted squad again try to assault the Land Raider, and again miss! The veterans move up to support.

Alpha Legion Turn 6
Autilon Skorr and his depleted squad, jump out of the Land Raider and pour their fire into Lachdannan's squad, along with the Land Raider. Again, their armour holds true and only 1 marine falls!

Imperial Fists Turn 6

No photo here, but Lachdannan leaves the squad that kept him whole all battle, and joined Tactical squad II that moved up. The last marine of El Fisto's squad moves up to assault the squad, in revenge for this fallen brothers. However, the accurate fire of the veterans kills them all, including Autilon.

With that final act, that is game!

We didn't bother counting VP's, as it was evident the Imperial Fists triumphed, considering that I lost no units (just had heavily depleted squads I, III and Heavy support), It was great fun to finally take my 3 unit of tacticals, so I had a lot of bodies on the field. After the game, when looking at the amries, we were quite even in sides, with my friend with terminators and a land raider, instead of veterans and heavy support squad.

Overall a fun affair and a good evening. Plus it was good to see my newly painted terrain in action. Just need to paint more now.

Anyways, thanks for looking.


Friday, 13 May 2016

Imperial Fists Army Photo

I decided, after my last model, to take an updated army photo of all my Imperial Fists. Here they all are in their glory.

I have no idea of the points, but I do have the following:

Lords of War
Rogal Dorn

Alexis Polux
4 Power Armour Praetor/Consul/Captain
2 Librarians
1 Chaplain
I Power armour command squad
2 Primaris Medicae

10 Veterans in Power Armour
6 Terminators
7 Huscarls
2 Dreadnoughts

Tactical Squad I (Rhino)
Tactical Squad II(Rhino)
Tactical Squad III (Rhino)
Legion Breacher Squad
Recon Squad (Scouts)

Fast Attack
3 Land Speeders

Heavy Support
2 Land Raiders
Land Raider Spartan
7 Devastators

I'm guessing I must have close to 5 or 6000, but not sure. One day I'll find out. 

Anyways, thanks for looking.