Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Massive Imperial Fists hobby explosion

Being the Holidays, I have been very productive and smashed the hobby quite hard. Here is what I have got up to in the last week.

I vowed to paint 5 more Templar's (for the B&C ETL), putting my total up to 10. And yes I do have a group shot with Sigismund for you to look at as well.

And group shot...

Like I mentioned earlier, I do prefer to the yellow scheme to the Templar's as they are Imperial Fists after all, and were in fact established by Dorn. Sigismund himself (and Dorn for that matter), didn't wear black until the siege or later. Still, just my preference.

I also have been assembling a few models from my last vestiges of my bits box. After reading some tactica, I thought I'd try out some Outriders. Here is the result.

Admittedly, I am not looking to painting them. Still a cheap unit to build, and it meant I could use those old assault marine metal pads I have had for years and years. I also got to use those metal chainsword's I removed from my Breachers, and used my ancient 2nd Edition power axes that have been in my bits box for 20+ years. I feel the bikers fit with my mechanised feel.

I also got round to making my Leviathan.

The rocky outcrop on the base is from the 25th anniversary model, glad I kept it, as it came in handy. Can't wait to get this painted up and used, especially in Zone Mortalis.

Lastly I have this.

Just cos.

That just leaves 10 Phalanx Warders to assemble when they arrive, and that for the time being is all my Imperial Fists. An exciting time!

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Imperial Knights complete

Finally finished the weathering and applying the decals to my knights I finished half a year ago. Very pleased with how they turned out, especially the heraldry that has been blank for so long.

This is Knight Paladin Couringard. I put the name on the chest plate, as I figured there is enough "House Hawkshroud" on the model, and not enough places to name the machine. So far its biggest achievement has been killing a few squads of Salamanders, a dreadnought and Vulkan Hestan in one game.
This is Knight Errant Beowulf. At this stage, its biggest achievement has been killing a wave serpent with Farseer and Fire Dragons in it, killing a unit of Sweeping Hawks, and also the Fire Dragons later on in the same game. Not too shabby.

I still have one more Knight to make and paint, which is a Knight Warden. Will take a while to get it to this stage, but at least these two are completely done.

Thanks for looking.