Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dwarfs with Great Weapons

Well, I've decided to finish this unit of Great Weapon Warriors. Originally I was going for 30, but I need a break from them, so for the time being have stopped at 25. Should be okay though as I do have unit fillers to make it 30 or more if I like.

 Here are the last five.

And here is the unit in total. 25 Warriors to defend my realm. Got a few small games of 700 to 1200 pts lined up for a big Warhammer weekend in 6 days hence. I'm glad to report that all my models are fully painted for that evening, so should be a cruisy week! After that I think I'll be starting my slayer unit. Looking forward to that as I have lots of ideas.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Warhammer Quest Troll Slayer

I really like Slayers for Dwarfs. Love the background, a dishonoured Dwarf, seeking the only honourable outlet left by embarking on a quest to slay as many dangerous and lethal opponents before they die. That and the models I think are pretty good, going all the way from the past to the present. I have mentioned before that I am looking forward to painting my Slayer unit. Despite the fact that the only game I have used them in had them wiped out before they did anything. Guess I just need more practice!

At Bugman's the painting contest is Slayer for this month. I got to pick it as I won last month with my Gob-lobber. I recently procured an old Warhammer Quest Troll Slayer off ebay for a decent price (it was listed as a normal slayer), and since I have been obsessed with the Warhammer Quest game on iPhone, it was a natural choice!

So I named him after my character in that game, Argrul Lost-throne. That name alone speaks volumes of what he might have done or suffered to then take the Slayer pledge. Who know's, but I am looking forward to fielding him as a Dragon Slayer in my next game.

Let me know what you think!

I wanted to try more inticate tattoos this time, and basically copied the ones from the cover of the Gotrek and Felix Omnibus 2. 

I also spent more effort this time on his skin, going for maybe 5 or 6 layers, don't recall. I quite like the result though. Anyways, that's enough for now, back to painting GW Dwarfs! 


Friday, 14 June 2013

Of Dwarfs and Trolls...

Its been a hectic time at work so I haven't painted as much as normally do, however I do have a bunch of models that I just haven't revealed yet for no other reason than sloth.

I recently came to the decision that Dwarfs with Great Weapons is pretty good. So having made the decision I then needed to paint some. I know I really want to paint my Slayers, so I thought I'd do these guys and the Slayers can be my reward unit. So I decided a unit of 30 would be sufficient for my needs. The only Dwarf warrior models I have are the old 6th Ed ones. To be honest, when they first came out I really wasn't a fan, but they have grown on me, especially since I;ve painted a few by now. So here is a few pics of the first 20. Again with cream and blue being the spot colours, I mixed it up a bit and swamped them round the models to make them a little more individual. They still look cohesive, and I like the result.

I also managed to get not one but two games in with my friends Nigh Goblins. The first game was continuing are underground scenario battle from Blood in the Badlands. He won and progressed to the next scenario. I call it a moral victory as I wasn't completly wiped out this time.

The second game was just a random 3000 point game. Its been a real long time since I have played those size of games, so I basically just took all my painted stuff, and lo and behold I now know that I can make 3000 points as soon as I finish the GW unit and a Runesmith.

The game itself I thought was great fun, and we both got to try some new things. I tried out a tank lord, who worked as well as i thought he would, just soaking damage and managed to kill three characters including the general in challenges. I must point out though  that I did have a significant advantage in this game as my Throng were defending a Dwarf Brewery (it was a random rolled settlement! Honest!) so that made and Dwarf unit within 6" unbreakable. Needless to say, my Ironbreakers didn't go anywhere and eventually at the end of the game, I had whittled enough Grobi down to secure the win. A wonderful day, even better as I got to see my whole army on the battlefield painted. I just wish I had the wit to take some pictures.

So on the advent of that game (and the fact that some other friends are getting into the hobby), there is now coming up a games night. One of my friends doesn't have an army to game with so I thought I'd lend him my Warriors of Chaos army I bought earlier this year. In preparation for this game I have made a few lists, and painted one model, let me know what you think!

I wanted a quick scheme, and I loved Adrian Smith's picture of the Chaos Trolls in the army book, so I kept it kinda standard. Of course where these is one troll there are others. I managed to get my grimy paws on Throgg (what a nice model), but as the games are first to be 700 then 1000, I can at least put him in the 1000pt list. I also managed to score a bunch of Chaos Trolls omn evilbay for a decent price, though I hope they aren't just recasts. Anyways, enough rambling. Going to have a hobby night tonight (instead of working again), so hoping to dive into Throgg (did I mention that is one sweet model).

Oh and I thought I'd leave you with this. Scored it on evilbay for a cool $50. Bargains do exist! Finally have my cook!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Imperial Fists - An indepth look - Part 2

Here is my second installment of my Imperial Fists army. The intention was to just post the vehicles, but I realised that I forgot to post my command squad last time, so I will rectify that now.

My 'epic' command squad. All metal models, and all armed with Storm Shields. Used them twice I think. They took a long time to die. I figured that if they are to follow the commander into the harshest arenas of war, they could use some protection. That and since they are veterans, they get their pick of the armour. They are a very expensive unit (260 or 270 I think, been awhile), but they were great fun to paint, and I really enjoyed making their individual heraldry. Banner of course is from the Grey Knights.

Now, onto the vehicles! All my vehicles make use of either the Forge World Imperial Fist doors where appropriate of the GW Imperial Fists Icon pack. Basically, there was to be no illusion as to what chapter these vehicles belonged to.

 First tank I panted.
 This was an interesting update of the old metal Razorback, but fitted onto a new Rhino Chassis. I have another one floating around, awaiting the same treatment. Such a fun model to paint, and the red really works well I think. The gunner is made up of the new plastic crew, but like all my marines, has the Imperial Fists metal shoulder pad.
My first Dreadnought Auron.  First game with him, he destroyed 2 penetant engines, ran down a large unit of Sisters of Battle, and took out some jump pack Sisters (forget the name). Not bad for a regular Dreadnought!

 My Second Rhino. The mobility was most appreciated at the time.
 I need a better photo of these guys. They are the old 2nd Edition Land Speeders. I thought they looked more heavy and siege like, than the new model. I made sure to make each driver, do something different with his free hand, be it with a pistol, gripping the controls, or my favourite, giving the thumbs up! Had that converted hand for years, awaiting a spot.
 My Ironclad. Its based off the Forge World Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought. Just shaved off the the ultra symbols and replaced it with the relevant badges. Also did OSL on his lenses. I also made more of an effort with the base. Overall, very pleased how he turned out.
 Rogue Trader Land Raider 'Indomitable'. Still used in games.

 Rogue Trader Land Raider 'Dauntless'. Also still used in games. I added lots of gubbins to these models.

 Imperial Fists Fellblade 'Edelweiss'. Took 1 month solid to build then nearly two months to paint. Monster of a project, but very happy with it. I made it before Forge World did theirs, but I am still pleased with it. Need to use it in a game sometime.
 Chronos. I made sure he can be removed and put in other tanks.

And that is it for my Imperial Fists. Currently there is still my Sternguard to do, but we shall see. Mext update will be a big one for the Dwarfs. Have painted a lot of warriors, plus managed to win the Bugman's monthly contest with my Gob-Lobber. So now I picked Slayer as June's painting Challenge. Will have an update about that soon as well.

Let me know what you think.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Imperial Fists - An indepth look - Part 1

While ago I promised to show some more photo's of my Imperial Fists, rather than the big army photo. Well, I finally got round to taking some more pics of them.

However firsly, I thought I might explain myself a bit. I started my Imperial Fists at around the same time as 5th Edition came out. At first it was only the limited edition sergeant and my converted commander. Very early on, I decided I didn't want any transfers, and use moulded pads only. The reason for this is I didn't like the look of the decals when they went on a curved surface (this is before I knew about Micro Sol and Set). Hence my decision. I also wanted to have battle damage on the marines themselves as well as the vehicles, as my intention was to represent them in the midst of a campaign, and not having time to polish up. This also explains all the extra trappings on the Marines and vehicles.

I was also heavily inspired and influenced by this awesome piece of artwork.

A fantastic Image. Still my background!

This first part will just be my infantry, and perhaps later on I'll do the motorpool as well. Some of these models haven't been seen before, but for the majority of the others, they have been posted in my threads on the Bolter and Chainsword forum here and here.

First up are my Tactical Squads. I wanted to use as many different parts as I could, hence why there is Blood Angels, Assault marine, Black Templar, Space Wolf and Dark Angel bits used throughout. Also I used as many purity seals as I could find. Hope you enjoy!

Tactical Squad 1 (the first squad I painted)

Tactical Squad 2 (The Sergeant is actually the Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant, I just like the pose)

Lysander Himself.

My favourite conversion. Kept me focused in the early days. 

Old school backpack. I guess its not that big a deal, but I notice it. The cloak trimming is inspired from the old Imperial Fists Index Astartes Article, along with the heraldric shields on all my Veterans and characters. 

Librarian Grenstein. 

 My version of Sigismund. A lot of effort went into this paintjob and conversion. I'm very pleased with the result! He is the start of my Heresy Era marines for a campaign that is to start very soon. It uses Helbrecht as the main model, as well as the Emperor's Champion's Sword.

My boarding marine Veteran squad. Inspired by the cover of Shadows of Treachery. I had a lot of fun doing them. They are for my Heresy Era Fists as well.

Rogal Dorn himself. Again for the Heresy Era stuff. Who wouldn't want to use a Primarch?

My slightly converted He'stan. This was a real pain to do, as at the time he was metal, so there was a lot of Dremmeling. Also my first attempt at power weapons. 

These are my Huscarls, body guard to Rogal Dorn. Each of them have the nice pelt to show there station, and Lysanders shield. I spent a lot of time getting the poses right for them. 

That is the end of the infantry. Next I'll try and get some current shots of my motorpool. Thanks for looking!