Thursday, 16 October 2014

Knights Panther, Knights Panther riding through the glen...

So I have painted something a little different for the interim. Finished off a very old unit of Knights Panther, that a friend left to me (along with a bunch of other oop Empire) when he left the hobby. So I thought I'd paint them up in the same style that was in the Empire 4th Edition book, just to honour his bygone days.

I know 6 models really isn't that much, and I'm sure sometime in the future I'll get some more to bump them up, but for the time being they are done. I think these brave knights will mainly appear as allies with my Dwarfs in Triumph and Treachery games, so at least they will see some action. Who knows, perhaps in the future I may paint up more Empire and be able to field an all Empire force!

Anyways, here they are in there glory. Some of the painting really didn't come out as well as I hoped, but for now, I am happy to leave it as that and move on.

The banner is just a copy from the 4th Edition Empire Army book. I actually had to cut a little out of it to slide down the banner pole, as the helm and banner pole are connected and I didn't realize the banner was bigger then that. Thankfully, your can't really notice the cut job.

As the temperature gets hotter, its does get more difficult to paint. Hopefully when I have some focus, I'll update what I shall be working on next.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Attractive looking unit. Nice work on that banner, really adds to the overall look of the figures.

    1. Thanks! When it comes to nostalgic banners, I really can't help myself.

  2. Hey Grimwald, its Theatralic from the Brewery, stumbled over your Blog and I really have to say I love it! Allready asked myself where you I know...Get back o painting Dwarves ;P

    1. Cheers mate! Thanks for popping by. Been meaning to log on more often to the Brewery, but time hasn't been too king of late.

      I do still have my unit of Hammerers that I am chipping away on the side. After I have painted the next batch, I'll post some pics.

      Thanks again for looking!