Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Slayers: A New Hope

Another quick update here. Finished off the first three of the Slayers I need to do for the unit painting challenge at Bugman's. I do intend at the end to add some tattoo's, but for now they are done.

I also noticed that they model on the far left is a GW resculpt of an ealier slayer model. It is slightly different to the original and is thinner with a gloved hand. Amazing what you find when you look at slayers all day!

I also have realised I haven't shared my Beard recipe, so I will endeavour to do so below. These are all using the current GW range (bar one), but really the colours are rather general, so I'm sure you could achieve something similar with other paints.

First a Skrag Brown undercoat
Wash with Agrax Earthshade
Couple of light layers of Troll Slayer Orange
Wash of Baal Red (old wash) to tone done the orange
Wash of Agrax Earthshade to add some depth
Couple of light layers of Troll Slayer Orange but keep the recesses dark
Highlight the tips 1:1 Troll Slayer Orange and Yriel Yellow

Hope that comes in handy!

Only 8 more to go! Cheers!

BTW: Finding it more difficult to think of appropriate post titles with the word Slayer in it. Such Madness!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Painting Motivation...and Slayers

I thought I might take a little time in this post to talk about some of the things that keep me motivated. I can at times paint quite quickly, and at others, need a break, but there are a few things that keep me focused rather than jump from project to project.

Probably my main motivation is online painting competitions. Last year I entered all the compeitions at the Bolter and Chainsword for my Imperial Fists. This was ideal for me as at the time I very rarely had time for games (with a new baby in the house) but could still be connected to the hobby and feel productive (and quiet). I found that this was great to put a deadline on what I needed to do, and helped me stay focused. Most of the Imperial Fists I have posted were painted last year, so I did very well!

Its also worth mentioning that I also only have in sight what I am currently painting. I think I have mentioned this before, but everything else is either boxed or put in a draw out of sight. I can get very easily discouraged if there is too much, so I make sure that for myself, there is nothing out. This also includes putting away my models once I have painted them, for the additional fact that I have two boys running around the house and Warhammer is not very safe around their grimy paws. 

Another form of motivation for me was discovering youtube Warhammer battle reports, in particualar Wargamming for Fun. Linked to my inability to have time for games (baby in the house), this was a great source of inspiration to get things painted. Generally I listened to the friendly banter and good and bad luck as I painted, and before I knew it, I was making great headway through units. Can't recommend it enough. It is also worth mentioning, that Wargamming for fun is running an escalation league on their home website, where Ade and Andy are planning on starting a new army from scratch, and you get to see their progress, just like the old White Dwarf Tale of Four Gamers! Great stuff!

Lastly (and more recently) I encountered podcasts for Warhammer. There is a ton out there, and at present have only really listened to one, but I believe it is of very high quality (and shenanigans), The Dwellers Below. They are a more tournament orientated group, however I do enjoy their insights and reviews on different armies. Again, I listen as I paint and that tends to help me stay focused.

These have worked for me, and certainly help me stay focused on getting my models painted, which is a very welcome change, considering in the past I really didn't.

So, is there any else that motivates you? Other youtube channels or podcasts that you like to listen to? Please let me know as I'm always hungry for more!

To finish off, I have painted 2 Slayers since last time. I know I mentioned painting my Chaos Sorceror, but I hit a hurdle in the paint scheme, and it is currently languishing in the shame draw till inspiration strikes. So you will have to make do with these.

Unfortunately, the Dwarf of the right has had his sword cut off at some stage in his history (not by me!), however I couldn't resist painting him anyway. 

Also I have entered a unit this time for the Bugman's painting comp, unsurprisingly it is the last of my Slayer unit. Here's hoping the dealine will keep me focused in finishing these 11 off. 

Back to painting!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Chill wind from the North...

Well, finally finished Throgg. I must say I had quite a bit of trouble painting him, going through many different variations of skin tones to get the one I wanted. Then changing again, and once more after I looked at the unit as a whole. Still, he is done, and I am now pleased with him. Hoping to use him in a game this Saturday against my friends Vampire Counts. Hopefully he doesn't die straight away!

Anyways, here is the King himself. I quite like the icicles on the base. And the blood seeping from that monster of a weapon.

Lastly a group shot of the unit so far. I still have another 5 trolls to paint. I'm thinking, since the scheme isn't too laborious, might try and do all 5 at the same time. However I definately won't be able to do that by Saturday!

I'm thinking I might paint my Chaos Sorceror next. The model I have used is the Avatars of War Lord of Torment, which I aptly name the Tormentor in my games. So far it hasn't been too lucky in games, but I figure a lick of paint may change that.

And that neatly moves me on to my scheme for my Warriors. I'm intending to have a generic scheme for my Warband, and applying marks as need be. Problem is I really like the red and gold scheme, but don't want to be shoe-horned into Khorne, so we shall see how they turn out.

To give you an idea of the scheme itself, I painted this model, last year for a bit of fun. Hope I can remember the paint scheme for it!

 Well, off to paint another character for Saturday's game. 


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another day another Slayer...

Well, finished off this unit champion for my Slayer unit. I entered him into the Bugman's painting comp, so we shall see how he goes. This would be my first time painting gems that aren't red, so hopefully it turned out alright.

Wasn't sure if I should add blood to the axe, any thoughts?

Anyways, let me know what you think.

Next up will be Throgg. Just for something different. Will let you know how that turns out.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Slayers - Part 2

Another quick update here. Making some good progress with my Slayers for my Dwarf army. First up are the four I have done to add to the unit. So far I have no doubles of any Slayer, and hopefully I can continue that way for the whole unit. There are quite a few old ones here as well, but rest assured, I do have some of the 'newer' ones as well to do. I have also started to be a little quicker with regards to painting them. I find an undercoat of white primer, followed by a light coat of Skrag Brown over everthing, is a good basecoat, considering the majority of them are either orange beard or flesh. Certainly speeds up the process!

Anyways here are the next four.

A few old ones in there. I have also made sure to make their clothing different, to represent they are from different clans and holds. Plus its a bit of variation.

I have also completed a unit filler for my slayers. I quite like the idea of unit fillers, to add some narrative to the unit, such as Hrothmog for the Miners. Now this model is a Games Day 2005 or 2006 model. I know its not terribly original, and many have done this before, and probably will after, but it seemed to me a natuaral choice. It just looks really cool!

This model arrived on Monday, then I assembled, based, primed and undercoated Monday night. Finished all but a few details on Tuesday night, and finished it this morning. Probably my quickest turn around of a model I have recieved from old evilbay. Not bad at all!

Hope you like it, I did do some tattoo's as well, and maybe in the future I'll add some tattoo's to the other slayers as well. Well, here he is taking a well earned rest atop his latest kill.

 Next up will probably be more Slayers, though I just saw that I won the painting comp at Bugman's again, so Hopefully I can think of a theme encompasing Slayers in it, other than 'Slayer' or 'unit filler'.


Saturday, 6 July 2013


Well, finally got some time to make a post! I've been up to a bit of hobby activity so will try and share what I can remember.

Firstly got up to a Warhammer Fantasy night last weekend, which was a blast. Basically took along 700pts of Dwarfs for one on one, and a 1200pt list for a 2 vs 2 game. I also brought along my Chaos Warriors for my friend to try (as he doesn't have an army).

My first match was against him and the warrior list I made. I also rolled watchtower, and he put that nice solid unit of warriors with addidional hand wepaons in there. Needless to say, I just bounced off that thing and ultimately, only killed everything else bar that blasted tower! Ahh well.

The second game of the night was the 2 v 2. I was allied to good ol solid Empire, and the forces of Destruction were Night Goblins and the Warriors of Chaos. This game was rather short, as we managed to steal the first turn (with a six), then my ally cast Dwellers below on a big unit of Night Goblins, and we cannoned off a mangler. Their first turn mainly resulted in the Chaos Sorceror miscasted and detonating inhis big unit of Chaos Warriors, killing half and getting himself sucked into the Realm of Chaos. Then they ran. They decided to call it there. Fair call.

The third game was a bit longer, still a 2 vs 2, but this time was a watch tower scenario again. So in went the Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Nurgle, halberds and shields into the watch tower. Despite the early success of Dwellers on a few units, and a rampaging Throgg, we couldn't take the watch tower in time, and ultimately the game went to the forces of desctruction. Ahh well, better luck next time. Still I had a blast, and am looking forward to the next planned evening. Just a shame I didn't take any pics! My bad.

So I have been painting up some forces for the next gaming night. I really want to take slayers, so have started a unit of them. I already have two Dragon Slayers from the painting comp entries, so should hopefully be able to throw them in there as well. Down below I have the first three models painted of the unit. le me know what you think.

I have also painted some more Chaos. Namely some more Chaos Trolls to walk around with Throgg. All up now I have 8 Chaos trolls plus Throgg, so not a bad unit.

So now I have three painted of eight. Not too bad. For the Warriors of Chaos, which at this stage I am mainly painting for my friend to use, I also got some Chaos Warrior Halberds and some nurgle icons, in order to make the unit more appropriate. Still thinking about a colour scheme though, so will let you know whan I come up with one.

I've also painted up some more movement trays for the Dwarfs, as I do dislike using unpainted ones, just ruins the paintjob to be honest!

Well, back to painting!