Thursday, 6 October 2016


I have finished assembling the last of the squad, and have even made an attempt at a colour scheme. As already stated, they will be painted black in the Justaerin style, but finding a good black scheme, other than just painting them black, has been quite difficult.

First up though, is the rest of the squad.

With these melta guns, I actually magnetised them, so I can swap them out for other kit, like heavy bolters and the like if I want, with out having to make another model kitted that way.

Now I have also had a go at a scheme. Here is the wip.

I'm worried it looks a little too grey, however, I need it to be 'lighter' so I can add some battle damage later. I am really happy with the left shoulder pad, as that turned out well. I also like my red. The base I am still wondering about. I was thinking metallic with red dust, but not sure.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Monday, 3 October 2016

The next project

I have been working on and off on my Imperial Fists for a long time now. So I thought it was about time for a change. My Imperial Fists had a very definite theme to them when I started them, being a mechanised force, all mounted in armour. The same would apply to my new force.

I'm not a big fan of 40k at the moment, whereas 30k for me is very exciting, and it seems to be the main game I play these days. So I thought I'd see what it was like on the other side of the fence and go for a traitor force. Admittedly, not many of the other legions really inspire me like the Imperial Fists does, but what does come close are the Sons of Horus.

I am however not too big a fan of the sea green (perhaps it will grow on me), but I am a real big fan of Horus and his Justaerin. So I figure, like people before me, that I'd go for an elite, chosen army of Justaerin. The colour scheme was also a big factor in them being chosen, no yellow.

So for my second Heresy force, I would play the ultimate bad guys. I have made a little progress, and made up some veterans, as although this is a 1st company, Justaerin force, they also did don power armour on occasions. I am also going to steer clear of armour, as that is what my Imperial Fists are, and go for a different play style, which just happens to be drop pod heavy (or dreadclaw heavy)

So here is the start of my force.

I wanted these marines to stand out as veterans, and put as many gubbins on them as possible. I wanted them to reflect being representatives of the best Legion, with that sense of merciless fighters.

I want to finish off this squad and then do a few test pieces to see if I can get a scheme going.

I have in my bits box for this force at present:
15 more veterans
10 Heavy support with lascannons
2 Dreadclaws
Malogurst (conversion)

I am planning on getting some (a few) Justaerin in Terminator armour soonish as well.

I am rather new to this play style, and Legion, so any pointers or comments would be most appreciated, especially in painting black.

Thanks for looking.