Sunday, 17 January 2016

Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion 30k Battle report

I was fortunate enough to have a game of 30k last night and remembered to take my camera along. The game was only a small one, 750pts, however, it celebrated my friends forays into 30k. He decided to go for an Alpha Legion force, which will be an assaulting siege force.

I, as ever, went for my solid Imperial Fists, especially as I thought taking Imperial Knights at such a low points level was beyond cruel.

For this game, I decided to take something different for me, which is no tanks. Usually I never leave the Phalanx without a plethora of tanks, but for this game, I decided I would.

I basically took:
1 Centurion in Cataphracti armour, Storm Shield, Power Sword

2 10 man Tactical Squads, with a Powerfist and Power Sword respectedly

1 10 man Veteran Tactical Squad, with 2 Heavy Bolters, and Sniper USR, oh and a Powerfist

1 Legion Apothecary

Alpha Legion was:

1 Praetor in Cataprachti Armour, chainfist, power dagger, digi lasers, something else I am sure

2 5 man Cataphracti Terminator squads, with the leaders with power daggers and chainfists

1 Legion Dreadnought, with close combat weapons

The mission we were playing was some kind of seize ground mission. I don't have the new rulebook, so I can't look it up. Basically we had to claim table quarters. I, personally, was more looking at the wall of Terminators, and a Dreadnought that was built for close combat and that I could only kill in close combat if I'm lucky.

I'll go a little light on the commentary this time and let the pictures do the talking.
 Wall of Imperial Fists, resplendent in their yellow.
 Alpha Legion.
 The battlefield.
 The Imperial Fists with the first turn unleash bolter fire into the traitors...
 ...and cut down three Terminators!
 Alpha Legion first turn.
 Imperial Fists second turn sees them rain fire into the building with everything. They only manage to cut down one terminator.
 The Alpha Legion get very close.
 With their shooting taking out a Tactical marine.
 The Imperial Fists Tactical squad, decide to move out and charge the enemy dreadnought, buying their brothers time.

 Fortune strikes, and the sergeant immobilises the great machine, though a marine gets flattened.
 The Alpha Legion surge forward, and get all their assaults off. The praetor gets into the Veterans, while the other Terminators decide to help out the dreadnought.
 The Imperial Fists sell their lives dearly to hold them at bay, to to no avail. They are wipe out and cut down.
 The wounded centurion issues a challenge, which the death machine Praetor accepts. The centurion bravely does nothing, not even a wound, while the praetor goes nuts and does 5 instant death wounds...
 ...and I make 5 saves!

 The veterans then get nasty and wipe out the Terminators before they strike, weight of bodies turning the tide.
 The remaining Alpha Legion consolidate towards the Praetor to engage the veterans.
 The second Tactical squad unleash the Fury of the Legion, and drill the 2 terminators with nearly 40 bolts.
 The second round of the challenge, finally sees the Centurion fall, but not before injuring the Praetor.
The sergeant, seeing the wounded Praetor, sacrifices himself to save his squad and manages to kill the enemy commander with his Powerfist, while getting minced by the chainfist. 

And that is essentially the game! It was called there, quite fairly, as all the Alpha Legion had left was an immobilised dreadnought, whereas all I would do for the last few turns would be to move the veterans to secure another table quarter. So it resulted in an Imperial Fists win.

A fun game was had, and we even had a chat to start a campaign with my Imperial Fists and Imperial Knights vs Alpha Legion, using the conquest campaign system. Will definately post more when we have started, but the first games will be around 1000pts. 

Thanks for looking!


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