Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bugman's Cart, a morale boost

Small update here. Finished off a half painted Bugman's Cart that has been sitting around since last year. I thought I better finish it as it fullfills two roles, one being a unit filler of eight, and second as a baggage train. Idea being that If I'm not using it as a unit filler, it can hang round the back of my artillery to parch their thirsts during the game. Quite like that idea!

Here it is, Bugman's best.

Let me know what you think.

This is only the first of my planned baggage train. For those not in the know, you could take a baggage train in 3rd Ed, which now serves no purpose, I still like the idea. I'm thinking of getting some carts from Battleforge just to flesh out, and perhaps at some stage getting some non combatant Dwarfs from Lead Adventures and also from WhiteKnight Miniatures. Just for fun really.

Next on the painting table I think is going to be a revamp of my old 6th Ed plastic warriors with Great Weapons, as I think its something I really need for my Dwarfs. That and Night Goblin netters are really getting annoying. After them, I have something special planned with a massive unit of Slayers. I really love Slayers, and I know they aren't the greatest choice, but the models and fluff is too cool to ignore, and I think they will fit a charm in my underground battles. Here's hoping I can steam through those Warriors (there is only 30 *sigh*) and get to my reward unit.

Let me know what you think? Any other good manufacturers of Dwarf civilians you know of?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dwarf Gob-Lobber

Finally finished off the crew for the old Dwarf Gob-Lobber. I'm fortunate to have one, though I am missing one crewmen, the cook and meal. Hopefully one day I can get a full set, but we shall see.

I did this model for the Bugman's monthly painting challenge here. I came second in the last months contest, so I'm hoping I can do a little better this time. Plus it has the added bonus of me being able to field another Grudge Thrower against my friends Night Goblin army with the added bonus of being able to throw netted goblins at him. That just appeals to me on all kinds of levels.

Here is the finished piece.

I have another contest to do, due this Sunday for the International Board of Hobbyists. Unfortunately I have been very sick this past week, so I only have undercoated them. Hoping I can get a bit better before the weekend and try and crank them all out in two (or less nights). We shall see.

In terms of painting more Dwarfs, I think I need more core, namely Great Weapon Warriors, so they may be the next unit. Then I can do something fun, like Slayers. Got something very cool in mind for them.

Till next time.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Of Dwarfs and Orcs

Update here with both my Dwarfs and my Orcs and Goblins. Been a rather productive week for me painting wise, so hopefully that can continue.

Firstly an update with my Dwarfs. I decided to enter the Bugman's Brewery monthly challenge again (after coming 2nd last month). This time the theme is war machines. So I decided to paint my old Goblobber. Such an awesome model, and very characterful, plus it fits wonderfully in my themed games against my friends Night Goblins. Its just win win. Love the old school humour, plus its something different, so it ticks all my boxes. I still have the crew to paint (all 5 of them), but not bad for a weeks work. Let me know what you think.

Also, I painted my shaman for my Orcs and Goblins force. I call him Ol Toof. Hope you like.

The entire Orc and Goblin force I have. Might have to add some regiments I think next. I think it might either be Rugluds armoured Orcs, or 30 Biguns with a plethora of extra armour. We shall see.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sternguard update 2

Well, finished the first two Sternguard. Overall not my best paintjob, but they look adequate enough to do some damage on the tabletop. This mainly was an experiment in finding a new scheme. I think I have it though, as I also took a photo next to some old models and the difference is negligble. Let me know what you think.


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jobs a goodun'

Finished the rest of the warboss. Might at some stage in the future add something more to the obligitory heroic rock, like moss or something, when I can get some materials that would be suitable. But for now he is done. What do you think?

For the gore, I use Tamiya clear red with some added black wash. Works perfectly. Fully recommend it.

Next will probably be my 2 Sternguard who have been very patient so far, considering they are about 80% complete. Also I do need to post my Imperial Fists army squad by squad, so maybe I might get on that for the next post. We shall see.


Friday, 10 May 2013

Da Boss Update

There is a very good reason why I like to spend so much time on the leader model, conversion wise. Its because I want to do it justice and makes me more persistent. That was the case with this model.

My converted Warboss on foot, I thought was pretty decent, and I initially wanted to do a mix match of yellow and red armour. I did it, and hated it. Just looked wrong, as in there was no symetry and too many contrasting colours.

So I put it in my shame draw to be forgotten.

But it played on my mind, I couldn't think about anything else. How can a get a scheme to work? I really wanted yellow to be involved, as I'm a big fan of the old Citadel red ogre face and yellow background. That's what I wanted for my battle standard (when I eventually get the awesome ForgeWorld model), so I wanted those colours on there.

I dug it out again a few nights later, and covered all the armour in Leadbelcher metal, and washed it, as that was what the majority of the Orc's looked like in the armies book. Still didn't look right, as there was too much armour.

Again, I dumped it in the shame draw.

Then, when reading the Warhammer Armies: Orcs and Goblins book, I found my inspiration. Its a battle scene of orcs in yellow invading a Dwarf hold (pg 7 if your curious, google images didn't supply). That tipped my scales and finally I got a breakthough. I have made a little bit of progress, only some details and the base really to go (and gore, lots of it!).

'Ere we go...

I think he looks proper stompy.

I have also put some though as to what I want in an army. I tend not to go for the best choices, and let the models convince me, which always happens to be the expensive option.

I decided to have some Arrer boyz, not cos they are good, but as I wanted to use the old Dog's of War unit Rugluds armoured Orcs. Of course one unit of them isn't enough, as I wanted to have at least 20. So off to ebay saw me buy a couple of boxes. So now I have 1 box plus the 7 (and spare command for bits) from the other to make 17 Arrer boyz. I wanted them as they are relatively unique (not very common I think), plus with a little persuading (beer), I might convince my oponents to allow me to pay a little extra for the corssbows in game. That and they are armoured!

My other idea to include was a giant. Of course I had to pick one that was insanely expensive from Battleforge. Only 100 pounds not including postage? Think I might have to save up for awhile for that but such a beautiful model.

Anyways, back to painting.


Sunday, 5 May 2013


To break up the Dwarfs a bit, I thought I might finally take the opportunity to work on my Orc's. As mentioned previously, I tend to buy bits and hoard them till inspiration strikes. Well, it finally happened with these boyz.

I've wanted a Orc and Goblins army for a very long time. I had a very small one, back when 6th Ed came out, but it only ever comprised of the contents of the main box. So wasn't very big or effective. I remember always looking at my old White Dwarfs, back when they first became 'fat', and seeing the bright and bold banners they had, and all the craziness inherent in such an army.

Well, late last year I thought I'd give em a go again. I remember a friend of mine who used to play, might have had some of my old orc's so I gave him a msg to see if he still had them. Alas no, but he did get back into the hobby though, which was quite nice. That and he picked Night Goblins (and has done a fantastic job at it too). This is when I went full swing into my Dwarfs, but I had bought some things prior to that call, namely an Gorbad Ironclaw that was metal (I like the weight), and a model I could use as a battle standard and a shaman plus 30 Orc's.

I always intended to do them, but wanted to focus on the Dwarfs so I could play with pretty much painted stuff. Well, since I'm ahead at the moment till our next game, I thought I'd have a go at assembling some Orc's. The idea behind this army is to be Orc centric. Don't know why, but that just appeals to me.

Now with any new project, I always do the general first. This is because the general represents you on the table top, and if its good enough and unique, then I'll stay with the project longer and comit. So I decided to use the cool model of Gorbad Ironclaw.  I wanted to have the same model as my general both on foot and mounted in case I wanted that and I dislike when they are different.At first I decided to magnetise Gorbad, and find some feet so I could switch. Turns out that was a lot harder than I thought.

Ultimately I decided to bugger it and just make him on foot and to make a mounted model later on. I gave him some (finecast) Black Orc boss legs (which to be honest took me a long time to find a pair of legs that I thought would be good enough!), and pinned the body on. I changed the position of the axe as I thought this would be more menacing. Finally he found a heroic rock to stand upon. Here is the journey.

Greenstuffed some chainmail over the gap in the axe arm.

Not letting anything go to waste, I'm using the remaining bits of the Black Orc big boss, as the boss for my Big Un unit, as I feel such a powerful orc brings his best to the field.

All the boyz together.

Colour scheme wise, I'm either thinking red and white on amrour and cloth or red and yellow on armour and cloth. Not decided yet. We shall see.

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sternguard update

I have here an update on my Sternguard for my Imperial Fists. As I'm trying a few new paints, its taking longer, but I find that painting yellow always takes awhile anyway. So far I'm happy with the armour, just need to tidy up the details and add weathering and battle damage. Unsure at this stage as to do OSL for the eyes. We shall see. I decided to go for the white trims (and pad) as they are 1st company and I do follow the Codex Astartes (mostly) in terms of markings. Plus I think they look cool (always my first rule).

I think they are shaping up well. For those interested this is using a modified version of my old scheme which is;

Undecoat white (as opposed to my old blackundercoat, madness I know)
Yriel yellow (2 smooth coats)
recess wash of Agrax Earthshade
Build up the Yriel yellow again
Bad Moon yellow highlight (old citadel paint)
Light glaze of Gryphonne sepia
Touch up with Yriel Yellow

Next will be the details, base and battle damage. Let me know what you think.