Here I will collate my pictures of the Dwarves I have painted. I really only got back into Fantasy in 2013/2014 (I think), so these are pretty newly painted. My main oponent at the time had Night Goblins, so it made for some very characterful games. I am very happy with my force, and love seeing it on the battelfield.

Warning, this is very pic heavy!

Grimwald the Surly. My Dwarf Lord. Probably looks familiar, since its on the top banner! It has been rebased, though I haven't bothered taking a picture.

 Unit of ole 6th Ed Warriors. I grew to really like these over time.

 Limited Ed Battle Standard. I call him Aegar the Mountain.
 A very old unit of Crossbowmen. Love these old sculpts.

 Old organ gun.
 Painted this model for a competition. Came 2nd, which was nice.

 Took special care with the eye.

 Old Iron Breakers. I used Instant mold to make the shields. Great stuff!

 Old unit of Miners, with some hired help.

 The old 'Goblobber'. Best model ever for a warmachine. Must really paint up my second one sometime, along with the cook.

 Bugman's old cart. Great unit filler or back field refreshment.

 Old Warhamme Quest Troll Slayer. Great model.

 Another unit of old Warriors. Really fun to paint.

 A cool unit filler for my Slayers.  Off an old Games Day model.

 There is something about slayers, that just looks amazing.

 Old 6th Ed engineer.

 Another old 6th Ed engineer.
 Old Dwarf Lord of Legend.

  Garagrim Ironfist. From the old Storm Of Chaos Campaign.

 Unit of the 6th Ed Longbeards. Great models.
 Marauder Cannon.
 Custom Marker I made for a game. The drunk Dwarf is an old citadel model.
 Newer model of Bugman. Still have the old Rangers to paint up though.
 Nice unit of Hammerers.

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