Monday, 28 April 2014


I have finally decided to paint my Hammerers. They are a solid choice in the new book (and the old), and I think to reflect my Dwarf Lords status, they would be a good addition. Not to mention a 2 attack, Great Weapon wielding, Stubborn elite infantry unit is also pretty tasty!

This is actually the second time I have attempted to paint them, and the reason it has taken me so long to tackle them again. I remember maybe round 2006/2007, that I started to paint them for my force, but the colours just didn't work and I shelved them and the army. I was quite relucted to paint them again, as I wasn't sure if I could make them work. However, since I have painted most of the choices in my Dwarf army now, I thought its time to give them a go.

So without further ado, here are the test models. Please be kind, or constructively brutal.

With the shield, I tried to emulate the Goblobber, and have that cool wood look to it. To achieve that, I simply got the normal Dwarf shield and turned it around so the wood finish is on this side up. Then I just simply painted the wood grain as normal. I quite like the look, and it is unique.

So having got a scheme I rather like, I'm starting on the next two Hammerers now. I'm hoping I can get a few done before the next Blood in the Badlands Campaign turn, so I can give them a spin.

Cheers for looking!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Grimwald the Surly's Dwarf Throng

I thought it was about time I took another photo my my Dwarf Throng. It is rare that I see it all in one place, as it usually lives in its carry case, and only comes out piece meal depending on what I need for the game at hand.

It has taken a year and a bit now to paint this up. So not a bad effort at all. Of course there is still more things to add/paint up (when is there not?)

All told I think there is about 5k worth of points there. I realised after I uploaded the photo's that I forgot to include the gyrocopters. No doubt they are off doing recon.

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Longbeards finally complete, and a Marauder Siege Cannon

Well it certainly has been awhile since I updated anything here. I have been extremely busy with work and renovating another house, so my painting time has been limited and I’ve simply had no energy to paint anything. Well, I’m on holidays from work and I finally finished a few projects that have been on my table for a long time. I’ve effectively at this stage cleared my painting desk, so its a good feeling!

First up is an old model. I decided to make another Thane for my Dwarfs with a great weapon as there were some armour runes I wanted to try out. I also tried something new with this one and gave him a redish nose.

I also finally finished my Longbeard’s that have haunted me for so long. They are fantastic models, but the amount of detail on them really takes a long time. I now have 20 painted up and that is enough for now I think. I have a unit filler to bump them to 28, so I can now at least game with them.

Here is the full unit in all its glory. Glad that this unit is done for the time being!

Lastly is an old Marauder cannon. Great model and crew. I wanted a second cannon in case I needed one, and I like using different models. I real pleasure to paint.
So, that’s what I have been up to this week. Sorry for the very long hiatus. Hopefully I can be a bit more regular now. I now just need to think on what I’d like to paint next.

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Blood in the Badlands Summer Campaign wrap up

It certainly has been awhile since my last post. Unfortunatly ye olde Nurgle visited the house several times and we are still trying to keep him at bay. Nevertheless we have completed the Summer season for our Blood in the Badlands Campaign and I thought I would replay those details here.

 This shot is of the second campaign turn. It turns out, despite losing every game in the first season, the Dwarfs and the Empire have equal size empires which are bigger than the Orc's and Goblins and the Lizardmen.
 The advantage of starting far away and claiming back tiles as clearly been felt, as the Dwarfs and the Empire continue to claim tiles away from opposition. This round saw the Dwarfs fight the Lizardmen and the Empire fight the Night Goblins. The Empire game I was told was short, due to multiple Purple Sun's plowing through the Orc ranks. This ended in a victory to the Empire. The Dwarf game was about even till the last dice roll of the game shifted about 400 odd points to the Lizardmen! Victory to them! Though they couldn't wipe out my army banner and only pushed it back.
 Campaign turn 3.The Orc's and Goblin's try and claim a Dwarf tile by sending in 2 banners into the dwarf realm.
 My other Dwarf army continues to besiege the Lizardmen in their own lands.
 The Lizardmen and the Empire come head to head again in Lizardmen lands.

 The battles complete. Victory goes to the Dwarfs over the Orc's and Goblin's and the Empire defeats the Lizardmen. Both enemy armies are wiped out. But as this is season end, it isn't too bad.

So the final tally is:
Grimwald the Surly's Dwarf Empire - 13
Empire - 13
Lizardmen - 11
Orc's and Goblin's - 11

Next campaign turn my very well see all the Empire's go for everyone as now all tiles have been claimed by one or another. Who will rise supreme?