Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos VIII - Army Complete!

Got my last big update here for my Chaos. In short, I finished them. The whole lot, 1600pts worth. All done, and just im time to have a little breather before the Dwarfs arrive! What good timing!

So here we are, the last 7 Chaos Warriors.

 So that rounds off the Chaos Warrior unit. I have also finished the banner for the unit as well. I wanted to do another custom banner like the last one, but I wanted a famous quote from a movie on there, as it just suited this unit! Three guesses as to which movie this came from and by whom!

I’m still thinking of adding some small minor details to fill in some more of the banner, like little symbols and such, but I’ll leave it at the moment. In hindsight I think the eye is a little too small, but otherwise I quite like how it came out.

 So having finished this army, I cracked the rest out of the case and took some army photo’s. Here we go!

So that’s my army. Great to have actually finished one for once. I do plan on adding more to it at some stage, but for now I am content to leave it at that, and await the imminent Dwarf release. My Dwarfs could us some reinforcements in the campaign as they are getting thoroughly smashed!
Anyways, thanks for stopping by and for the feedback and encouragement.

I will post more Dwarf stuff soon.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Break from the Chaos with Dwarf Longbeards

Well, I ran out of Chaos models for my last unit. I'm still awaiting 7 old Chaos Warrior models to arrive in the post, so I thought I'd clear the painting desk of some clatter and paint the Longbeards that have been there.

This 5 brings my total to 15 I think. Halfway! My intention is to finish off my Chaos army (7 models left!), then that gives me a break from the Dwarfs so when they get released next month, I'll be able to focus on them. That's the idea anyway.

Here they are. Great models.

 Tonight, my gaming group are running the start of the next season of Blood in the Badlands campaign. That was another bit of incentive to get these Dwarfs painted. Hopefully I can do better this season! I'll try and remember my camera as well!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos VII

Finished another three Warriors of Chaos. These are all old old models, and the rest I need to finish the unit are all from the same era as well. However I am still waiting for them to arrive, but when they do, rest assured I'll post them up quickly!


Just 7 more to paint before the unit is done!

Also I have the begining of the next seasons games tomorrow night, so I'll be cracking out for Dwarfs for maybe the last time before the new book. Lets hope they do better than last season!


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos VI Chaos Warriors and a Standard

Well, got round to finishing a few more Chaos Warriors. A couple of those are old models, but I still like them. Be good to get a game with them sometime after all these years.

A newish Chaos Lord of Khorne. Really cool model. Really like the pose.

I love the menace this guy exudes. Really cool!

Next I have finished my Standard, though I haven’t done the banner yet. Hope that’s alright!

I used the new Chaos Lord as a base, hacked off the top of his weapon and used brass rod for the structure and stuck shields on it. The centre shield I wanted to represent a captured daemon, hence the glowing eyes. At the back end of the shield you can see the daemonic corruption that I have done. Originally I was going for tied rope and what not, but my greenstuff skills failed massively, so in the end came upwith this. Hope it looks good!

Anyways, here is where he is at.

Lastly a group shot.

Next, more Warriors! Only 10 more to go.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos V Chaos Warriors

Got another update here. Another two Warriors for my final unit. Both Khorne models, and one a very old one. Like I have mentioned before (maybe), my army is multimark, and I wanted my Warrior unit to be all armed different and potentially hae different marks. That way gamewise I can try different combinations and it represents my background and ideal of the amy, being that it is the sole plaything of my Daemon Prince Ommadon and he travels to defeat championd and gets them to join his unholy host. That’s the idea anyway, which is why you may find later on some other different marked models in there.

Anyways, here is some pics.

 Group shot.

And lastly is wip for my standard for this unit. I wanted something different so I used a newer Chaos Lord model as the base, and with some brass rod made a banner pole. I wanted some shields on it cos I thought it would look cool. Banner of course will be paper, but I’ll design that at the end. 

Anyways, thanks for looking.