Saturday, 4 October 2014

Battle of Krap'r Tower

This battle took place a few weeks ago, which uses those lovely GaleForce 9 water features I have already mentioned. This was a 1600 pts Battle line game that took place near Krap'r Tower. One day we wil do that particular scenario, though I am sure you can make a guess as to what it is.

Anyways, I took my Chaos Warriors, as I was in the mood for them recently, that and they are mostly painted. Here is the list I took.
'The Tormentor' Chaos Sorceror Lord (Lv 4, Flaming Breath, Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield, Mark of Tzeentch, Soul Feeder, Sword of Might)

'Astaroth' Exalted Hero (BSB, Talisman of Protection, Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic Steed, Third eye of Tzeentch, Shield)

20 Warriors of Chaos (Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch, Shields, Banner of Discipline)

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

8 Chaos Trolls (Additional Hand Weapons)

3 Skull Crushers (Ensorcelled Weapons)

I like Tzeentch so that's what I took for most of my units, apart from the Skull Crushers of course. I really wanted to try them out again, to see if inspiration would strike me to actually finish painting them, or perhaps they would die horribly.

Here is my friend Cail's Army, themed around Haarkon's Undead Reavers (awesome theme).
'Haarkon' Vampire Hero

Vampire Hero BSB

lv4 Necromancer

20 Skeletons

20 Zombies

20 Zombies

6 Dire Wolves

6 Dire Wolves

8 Crypt Ghouls


Not too sure about the equipment, but I'm sure there is some of the usual items for the heroes.

 This shot looking very 'cool'. My general joined the Warriors, and the BSB took his usual home in with the trolls. The water features do look quite nice I think you'll agree. 
 I get turn 1. I declare some charges on the vanguarded Dire Wolves. Considering that its been awhile since I had a game, I charged the trolls into the wolves, intending to overrun past that undead unit (with Haarkon, and vampire BSB), on the right, further into his lines. In hindsight, a very stupid move, and my friend knows it, as he now has it on film.
 The rest of the army looks on. I also foolishly decided not to move the Warriors, which meant I was out of range for my spells. Again, not thinking.
 It may not seem I have moved, but my trolls wiped out the wolves, tried to over run, and ran 2".
 His turn 1, he charges, and kills and runs down my trolls and BSB. I think I 'ran' 4" or something. Terrorgeist looms scary in the middle. Other units shuffle around, his lv4 necromancer with the zombies goes into the tower, and will spend the rest of the game, raising more and more into that tight cramped space.

 My turn 2, the Skullcrushers make a long charge against the zombie unit in the forest, wipe them out and overrun into the side of the Crypt Ghouls. My trolls should have taken lessons. I send in the second unit of warhounds into the centre to help out the last lot. Seriously thinking of upgrading them to Maruader Horse...You'll also notice the absence of the Terrorgeist, who I managed to magic off with Gateway!

 Face off between my main unit and the unit with Haarkon and the vampire BSB. I decide not to charge, in order to cast another lot of spells.
 So in his turn he charges, Rolls okay, does 2 wounds in total, I roll like an idiot, bolstered by the 5+ regen save I gave him (thanks Tzeetch magic), and do hardly anything. I lose by 1 or 2, break and get run down. My Skullcrushers however systematically crush and decimate his unit of Crypt Ghouls.
 That 1 model that I failed to kill in the centre with the warhounds, gets raised to full and put in the way of my remaining Skullcrushers.
I charge, kill the wolves, and overrun into the Haarkon unit. In a desperate gamble, I put all my attacks on Haarkon and manage to take him out! I loose the combat, but pass the check. Game over!

Very clearly a massive win for Cail! Well done!

Post Game Thoughts...
I can't really blame the dice (cept for the Warriors combat), as I really didn't play well, taking stupid chances and then they turned bad real quick. The only redeeming unit in my army was the Skullcrushers. Smashing through 20 Zombies, 8 Crypt Ghouls, 6 Dire Wolves, and Haarkon himself. Not a bad outing for the only unit not painted in my army! Unsurprisingly, they are on my painting table as I type this.

However it was great to get a game, especially with the new water features, and its always great to learn from a loss. Next time Haarkon! Next Time!

Thanks for looking!


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