Thursday, 13 March 2014

And now for something completely different...A Sternguard Sargeant

Well, I have finished the Sternguard Sgt just to paint something different for a change.  I must say I rather like the way he turned out. I've done a few new things to this model than what I used to do with my old Fists. The battle damage is different by using foam form a blister pack and Scortched Brown as a base, and I actually spent more time on the base than I normally do adding lots of washes of browns, blues, purples and blacks would you believe. Even some static grass made it. Overall I like this new look a lot better than my old method, though It may be awhile before I revamp everything (I'll not mention it again!).

Still, I may go through the rest of the Sternguard this way and see how they look as a collective. This is looking like it is shaping up to be my Imperial Fists army MKII. We shall see. Thanks for looking!


Friday, 7 March 2014

Manfred von Richthofen - The Dwarf Red Baron!

Got a wip here ready for your viewing pleasure. My Red Baron. I made sure to give him the tri-plane look, and even some extra motors for those dogfights he will be in. Background wise I'm thinking he is from a new stronghold, born in the Empire, but recruited back to the old holds for his skills at flying, hence the name!

The extra fins are just of my other kit that I still need to make into a bomber. Those parts aren't needed for it so that was handy. Greenstuff was used to meld it to the hull and to cover the holes in the top fins. 

Group shot of my airforce. Looking good!

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Look to the skies!

Finally had a chance to post! I've had this gyrocopter sitting here for a few weeks now done, but do to my son deciding that sleep is for the week, and he ain't week, these many late nights take their toll.

Still I did manage to have some games with my budding Dwarf airforce on the weekend, and I must say, very impressed! The gyrobomber didn't last long, but damn did it make itself felt! That and the gyrocopters themselves were just ace. Definately going to increase there ranks. Got another 2 to assemble, which will be 1 more gyrobomber and 1 gyrocopter that I'm going to convert into a triplane Red Baron.

Still here is the first of many gyrocopters! Enjoy!

 Side by side with my old gyrocopter.
The next one to be painted!

Thanks for looking!