Sunday, 29 September 2013

Battles, Slayers and pirates!

I have a massive update here. I've been gaming, painting and assembling very productively, so its hard to know where to start!

Firstly, after a break, I have come back to paint some more Slayers. Now the deadline for this unit over at Bugman's is approaching soon, so I wanted to get cracking. Plus I want to field them in larger unit, so there was some incentive. Plus, they aren't too hard. So I did another 5 Slayers, and all I have left to do is 2 Slayers for the Bugman unit painting challenge. Not bad. After the new ones I'll have 25 all done. Not too sure if I'll jump in and paint some more, but we shall see.

Now you'll have to forgive the lighting, as my setup has changed, and I'm still trying to get it right. Hopefully the pics will be alright.

Very happy with them. Just wish I was good using them! I do have the last 2 on the painting table at the moment drying after there first coat, so hopefully it won't take too long to finish them. Then I can finally take a unit photo of my Slayer unit. Should be a good incentive!

Next up I have a short battle. Its 40k, and since the new Space Marine codex came out, my friend started Dark Angels, so hating the idea of marines vs marines (unless its 30k), I took my Freebooter Orks. Now I have not posted any pics of them on here, so I might do so at a later stage. Either way, the stage was set for some serious pirate talking.

The game was some objective grab, for some strange arcane chance device, and there were three on the table. Our forces were roughly 1000pts. You can see the forces involved below (along with a half painted table!)

Most of my boyz here. Da Kaptin Oddgrum Dedeye, and his trusty Nobz unit, 20 Slugga boyz and 3 zzap guns (the old tracktor cannons)
 My whole deployment. Another unit of shoota boyz on the left.
 Da beakies. Tactical Squad, bikers, command squad, tactical squad (in the building), plus a unit of Deathwing in reserve.
 Orks advance and run. Shame the Nobz unit with the Big Mek with a Kustom forcefield rolled a 1...
 Claiming the objective in the park.
 Yeah, no save in the open took its toll on the boyz. Deathwing coming down in front of them didn't help.
 Couldn't get my boyz in. Though the other boyz you can see ducked round the right and layed into the biker.
 The start of a long range firefight between my shoota boyz on the park objective, and the tactical squad in a building on another objective.
 After killing the biker, the slugga boyz go for the tactical squad in the building. In hindsight, I could have used them with my Kaptin and Nobz.

 Da Kaptin and Nobz charge and wipe out the Deathwing. I thought I was in a pretty good position here.
 The slugga boyz engage the tactical squad.
 I didn't expect a charge from both units here.
 They cleared up a lot of my Nobz, including my Kaptin! Things were not looking optimal.
 The slugga boyz got wiped out. Now the firefight resumes.

 Having wiped out my Nobz, the command squad goes for my zzap guns.
 I retreat into the park, as the firefight wasn't going too well. ;)

Game ends. It was a convincing victory for the Dark Angels. What can I say, first game with my Orks in a long time. Will have to make amends next time!

One last thing before I sign off, When scouting around the wreckage of the battlefield after, my Big Mek found these old wrecks...

2 Nice Rogue Trader Space Ork battlewagons. All the pieces are there. They just need to be fixed Ork style, obviously have a mast and crows nest, and then festoon them with grot pirate riggers. Looking forward to it!

Anyways, back to painting!


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Game on Part 2

Well, here is part 2 of that fatefull gaming night. We ended last time with 2 wins for my Orc's, and here we have the final chapter of the evening.

I did help my friend re organise his army of Dwarfs to be a little more offensive, so he had a different list this time. My other friend took Vampire Counts, to give them a whirl. We played the Battle Royal from teh Rule book (appendix section) as we wanted a 3 way game. It was an objective game (all of our objectives were in the centre of the table), then there was a roll off, the lowest being deployed in the centre. I rolled the lowest, so I had the honour of deploying my whole army in the centre (least I get first turn though!).

Just a note about the pics, they were taken by a phone, so they aren't the best, but I thought I'd post them anyway just to remember the game.  Here are the pics...

 Battle field set. Please note my army sandwiched in the middle of 2 others, and the only painted board section off to the side where it plays no part in the game.
 Waaagh! Gorbash deployed in the middle of the field, with my Arrer boyz bunkered down in the ruined watch tower.
 The Dwarf throng deployed for battle. There is a runed cannon, runed grudge thrower, 25 GW warriors, 20 Warriors with shields, Runed Runesmith and a tough Battle Standard. I was not looking forward to facing this (my fault as I told him what to take).
 Vampire Counts. Think there is a spirit swarm, Vargulf (I think), 30 Ghouls, Vampire Hero, Master Necromancer behind them and a spirit swarm on the right.

First turn doesn't see much action, so second turn here sees my Big Un's Waaagh Charge into the ghouls and vampire, he does likewise against my rock lobber (Should not that battle Royal has each player take a movement turn, then magic then shooting and combat one after the other, very different but interesting).
 Dwarfs charge my Wolf riders who were trying to eliminate the grudge thrower. The big unit of GW warriors and thane didn't like that idea.
 This here is my friend taking off all the Vampire Counts. Why? Well, in the shooting phase, the cannon snipered off the master necromancer, and then crumbling happened. The vampire took back control, only to be beat down by Warboss Gorbash. One army down, just one to go!
 Unsurprising the Wolf Riders were destroyed. No big deal, least they did a couple of wounds against the Grudge Thrower, and tied it up for a turn. Here we still see my Arrer boyz in the ruined tower, controlling 2 objectives. I wonder what they will shoot at...
 This turn I move my Big Uns towards the Dwarfs, magic is uneventful as it is Dwarfs. Shooting, I only have my Arrer boyz left, I go for the Grudge Thower as it only has 1 wound left, If I'm lucky I might just kill it, and panic off the cannon and GW warriors with the Battle Standard thane even with a reroll.
 Guess what happened, worst rolls ever, even with a reroll.
 The Warriors with shields advance down the hill for vengeance. These boards don't have a lot of traction hence why there is jusr 1 model there.
 Big Uns charge!
Orc's win! Waaagh!

Three games and three wins for the Orc's! I feel a comeuppance coming! It was a fun evening and just to set the record straight I did provide beer for all involved so I'm not all bad! Still, looking forward to the next evening, and I'll try and remember to take my good camera. I also think they may be a bit of 40k next time, alongside fantasy of course, so should be good.

Painting wise I have just being working on my Big Uns and I have also finished another board section. Hopefully this time the painted ones will see use.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Game on Part 1

Well, as I previously mentioned I had a gaming night with some friends last night with Warhammer Fantasy. I took along my Orc's and Goblins, and yeah had a good time. I did remember to take photo's (as well as my friend), so I actually have something to show for it.

For all of the games, it was 1000pts, and just for completeness, here is my meagre list I took for all my games, no matter the foe.

Lords (218pts)

  • Orc Warboss 'Gorbash' (218pts) 
  • Shield
    • Magic Items BRB - Armour of Destiny, BRB - Crown of Command, BRB - Sword of Striking

Heroes (225pts)

  • Orc Big Boss 'Gitkilla' (125pts) Battle Standard Bearer
    • Magic ItemsBRB - Armour of Silvered Stee
  • Orc Shaman 'Skabz' (100pts) Lore of da Big Waaagh!, Magic Items, Wizard Level 2

Core (385pts)

  • Goblin Wolf Riders (65pts) Musician
    • 5x Goblin Wolf Riders5x Shield
  • Orc Arrer Boyz (70pts) 10x Orc Arrer Boyz
  • Orc Big 'Uns (250pts) Boss, Musician, 25x Orc Boyz
    • Standard Bearer BRB - Standard of Discipline

Rare (170pts)

  • Goblin Rock Lobber (85pts)
  • Goblin Rock Lobber (85pts)

My first game was against my friends Night Goblin list. It was a special scenario, where I was raiding a town he took over. Basically he had a few units already garrisoned in some buildings but he had 250pts less than I. The game was about building control. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photo's of this game, but hopefully you can believe it was a win for my Orc's.

The next game was against my Dwarfs which another friend was using. Essentially he had;

25 Warriors with GW

20 quarrellers

10 miners


Runesmith and a Dwarf Lord.

Here are the images of the game with some attached text.

 Waaagh Gorbash deploy for a scrap with the stunties.
 The Dwarf Throng prepare to defend their realm.
 Turn 1, wolf riders advance down the flank.
 Good ol Foot of Gork, first time I tried this spell, I wonder if its a good spell?
 Not bad ;)
 Another stomp.
 A costly magic phase for the Dwarfs. Hnady that the Foot of Gork didn't scatter.
 The Dwarf's didn't achieve much in their, turn, so turn 2 we see the Big Uns advace full speed and the wolf riders ready to kill the cannon.
 the miners turn up to ruin the day for my back field.
 This doesn't look good for me ;)
 The Dwarfs turn 2 sees the great weapon warriors and Dwarf lord attempt a charge on the Big Uns for some vengeance. Unfortunately they fall short.
 The Miners chase afater my Arrer boyz.
 Turn 3 Orc charges, all in! Even remembered the Waaagh ability on my Warboss.

 The Dwarfs put up a Stalwart resistance.
 But to no avail.
 The miners clear one of my Lobbers.
 The Big Uns try to chase down the 1 quarreller left and the Runesmith.

End game. Didn't get to catch the Dwarfs, but ended in an Orc victory.

So two games in its two wins for the Orc's. We played one more game that evening, and it was a 3 way free for all, using the appendix scenario Battle Royal from the Battle Rule book. Next post will see what happens in that game with some attached pics.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.