Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Marauder Giant!

I've wanted one of these awesome models for a very long time. Ever since I started up my Orc's and Goblin's, I've been itching to get one (even though its probably not a great choice), but the ebay prices were always a little steep for me.

I remember one of the first games I ever had of Warhammer where I was up against my friends Orc's and Goblin's. He had this model and promptly picked up my Dwarf General and stuffed him down his pants. A humiliation that I have never forgotten to this day! But a great memory. Ever since then I have always been a bit nervous around giants, especially with my Dwarfs!

So it was when I saw it on ebay for about $20 AUS, I thought I might throw in a bid and see what happens...

But something went wrong...

No matter what bid I entered, I was outbid straight away, but there was no increase in the bid at all. I didn't know what was going on, and eventually gave it up for loss. Then the next day I got an email saying I won it, for $55 AUS no less, an absolute bargain. So then I waited. After 4 weeks (should have been here in less than 2), I gave it up for loss. Then Yesturday, 7 weeks after it had been posted it arrived. Amazing and meant to be!

So I spent last night assembling this iconic model, and pinning it in places so I could show this wip pic today. Hope you like it.

Here you can see it in the thick of my wip Hammerer's. Great model. Please note the absence of pants.

Tonight I hope to do the base up, and hopefully if the weather is kind, start painting it. Looks like my WAAAGH got a GIANT update....

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Still painting Dwarfs...

Took a slight break from the Hammerer's to paint some Slayers. Mainly to vary my palette and so I can now field 30 in a big unit.

As with the rest of my Slayers, these models are all different.

Love the model on the left. Such a sad and worried face. Wonderful.

Still working on the Hammerer's though, and have completed a few, though I'm waiting till I paint a rank before I take pictures.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Starting a new force....Eldar

With a friend of mine getting into 40k, and me quite disliking the idea of Space Marine vs Space Marine, I decided this was a prefect opportunity to get a new project going.

I've like Eldar for a long time. They have great models and a very cool background. Plu sit was a good excuse to do a lot of OSL lighting! Out of all the Craftworld's, the Biel Tan would be hands down the best in my opinion in terms of background. Vengeful and attacking all who threaten the emerging Eldar Empire, they utilize lots of Aspects and have a cool scheme that uses some freehand.

So I got round to collecting some models so we could have some games. I'm pleased to say that already we have had quite  a few with our relevant forces though sadly I have no photo's of them. I have however finished my first Eldar model, my Farseer Auric Stormseer. This is a name I have borrowed from the old Black Library book, Farseer, which is a very good read, if a little old.

So here is my first model. Hope you like!

My current Eldar force comprises of:
10 Dire Avengers (So good)
10 Defender Guardians
2 Wave Serpents (Insanely good)
Wind rider squad (6 of them, these guiys are also really good, and they have a couple of shuriken cannons)

Considering how well my Dire Avengers do, I think they will be my next unit to work on.

Thanks for looking!