Saturday, 1 June 2013

Imperial Fists - An indepth look - Part 1

While ago I promised to show some more photo's of my Imperial Fists, rather than the big army photo. Well, I finally got round to taking some more pics of them.

However firsly, I thought I might explain myself a bit. I started my Imperial Fists at around the same time as 5th Edition came out. At first it was only the limited edition sergeant and my converted commander. Very early on, I decided I didn't want any transfers, and use moulded pads only. The reason for this is I didn't like the look of the decals when they went on a curved surface (this is before I knew about Micro Sol and Set). Hence my decision. I also wanted to have battle damage on the marines themselves as well as the vehicles, as my intention was to represent them in the midst of a campaign, and not having time to polish up. This also explains all the extra trappings on the Marines and vehicles.

I was also heavily inspired and influenced by this awesome piece of artwork.

A fantastic Image. Still my background!

This first part will just be my infantry, and perhaps later on I'll do the motorpool as well. Some of these models haven't been seen before, but for the majority of the others, they have been posted in my threads on the Bolter and Chainsword forum here and here.

First up are my Tactical Squads. I wanted to use as many different parts as I could, hence why there is Blood Angels, Assault marine, Black Templar, Space Wolf and Dark Angel bits used throughout. Also I used as many purity seals as I could find. Hope you enjoy!

Tactical Squad 1 (the first squad I painted)

Tactical Squad 2 (The Sergeant is actually the Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant, I just like the pose)

Lysander Himself.

My favourite conversion. Kept me focused in the early days. 

Old school backpack. I guess its not that big a deal, but I notice it. The cloak trimming is inspired from the old Imperial Fists Index Astartes Article, along with the heraldric shields on all my Veterans and characters. 

Librarian Grenstein. 

 My version of Sigismund. A lot of effort went into this paintjob and conversion. I'm very pleased with the result! He is the start of my Heresy Era marines for a campaign that is to start very soon. It uses Helbrecht as the main model, as well as the Emperor's Champion's Sword.

My boarding marine Veteran squad. Inspired by the cover of Shadows of Treachery. I had a lot of fun doing them. They are for my Heresy Era Fists as well.

Rogal Dorn himself. Again for the Heresy Era stuff. Who wouldn't want to use a Primarch?

My slightly converted He'stan. This was a real pain to do, as at the time he was metal, so there was a lot of Dremmeling. Also my first attempt at power weapons. 

These are my Huscarls, body guard to Rogal Dorn. Each of them have the nice pelt to show there station, and Lysanders shield. I spent a lot of time getting the poses right for them. 

That is the end of the infantry. Next I'll try and get some current shots of my motorpool. Thanks for looking!


  1. Great post! You captured the awesomeness of a Primarch really well.

  2. Excellent army! Do you get to use it much on the battlefield?

    1. Not really these days. I did a fair bit in 5th Ed, but with two kids under 4, time to get to play games is very limited. That and any games I do play these days is Fantasy, as my friend (Night Goblins) has got back into the hobby, hence why I paint a lot of Dwarfs.

  3. What a real beauty you have for an army. Impressive use of yellows and lots of personal stuff to make them unique. Hats off! :)

    1. Cheers! Will have to do my motorpool next. Most of it has been painted last year as well. Very busy year for yellow.

  4. Really nice looking models. Would you mind if I share on my blog if I accredit and post links?

  5. Absolutely phenomenal. I can't really say more. Thank you for sharing your exquisite work.

    1. Cheers! Glad you like it. I'm very proud of this force.