Monday, 28 October 2013

Blood in The Badlands Campaign

Well as promised, here are the details of the first night of gaming for the Blood in the Badlands Campaign, which we started in Saturday night.

To recap, its a 12 turn campaign split into 4 seasons, and starting off with Spring. Each Empire started off with 6 areas of land adjacent to their capital.

Our illustrious generals are:
A Dwarf Throng under the command of Grimwald the Surly - Me
Empire - Gav
A Night Goblin hoarde led by Skarsnik (and Gobbla) - Cail
Lizardment - Adrian

Out evening started off with making the map, and since I have never really used this set, we had to improvise and used jellybeans as flags for our realms. The Empire and Dwarfs made an early alliance, as did the Lizardmen and the Night Goblins for some nefarious reason.

The first game turn was uneventfull, as we were just getting used to moving and doing the events on the campaign map. The second turn is where we had 2 major clashes, Between the hated Dwarfs and cursed Night Goblins and between the Heroic Empire and the dastardly Lizardmen.

In my game, in short, I got well and truely annihilated. As a result my army was wiped out from the campaign map, not to come back till next season! Not a good start! To add insult to injury, Grimwald my General and overall leader of the Campaign fell in battle to a killing blow from Gobbla and now Fears all Night Goblins! Another grudge to add to my growing tome!

The game between the Empire and Lizardmen faired a little better but still resulted in a Lizardmen win. Again the Empire army was wiped off the map till next season. Truely not a optimal start to our campaign!

We played one more turn to finished the season, of which only 1 battle is to take place, between the Empire and Lizardmen. However as it was close to 1pm (and with my sons birthday the next day), we called it an evening. Here is the campaign map at the end of season 1.

 Here is a key to the map so you can see the current standings.

Aqua Jellybeans - Lizardmen
1 - Lizardmen Army
2- Lizardmen Army
3 - Lizardmen General's Army

White Jellybeans - Night Goblin's
4 - Night Goblin's General's (Skarsnik) Army
5 - Night Goblin'sArmy
6 - Night Goblin'sArmy

Pink/orange Jellybeans - Empire
7 - Empire army
8 - Empire army

Blue Jellybeans - Dwarfs
9 - Fuergil Firebeard's Dwarf army
10 -  Snorri Axebiter;s Dwarf army

The others did have names for their heroes leading there armies, but I don't have a copy of it. However I'll endeavour to get a hold of it next time.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening which made me think of what I could do against the Night Goblins. I think it may give me some ideas of what to paint for the next campaign night! We shall see what comes out of it.

Thanks for reading.


Friday, 25 October 2013

Last of the Dwarf Engineer's and a campaign on the horrizon

It has been a little while since my last update. This is primarily due to taking some time away from painting, running out of my crutch of Agrax Earthshade, and work. Still I;ve managed to finally finish off this engineer, so now my warmachines will be a little safer.

Here he is in all his glory.

In other news my gaming group are planning on running a Warhammer Campaign which I am looking forward to. We are using the Mighty Empires set, as I've had it sitting there for a long time, so its good to get some use out of it. We are also going to use the rules given in the Blood in the Badlands book as they seem quite interesting and also for some reason I have lost the Mighty Empires book (no idea where it is). Still, tomorrow night we are going to put the map together and get started. We are going for 12 game turns and seeing which empire has the most land and the most relics.

The empires at the moment are;
Dwarfs - Me
Empire - Gav
Night Goblins - Cail
Lizardmen - Adrian

I decided to go Dwarfs for this and not one of the others as I have painted a lot of stuff for them, and plus they will be getting an update hopefully sometime during the campaign so I can try out some new funky stuff when that happens.

Well, I'll be sure to take some photo's of the first night of games.

Cheers for stopping by.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

6th Ed engineer

Finished another model for my Dwarfs, an old 6th Ed engineer. My main motivation for painting this up is my friend has a rather consistent habit of rolling 6's to hit, wound, and on D3's, so my warmachines of late don't last very long against their goblin counter parts.

This is the first of 2, and this one only took an evening to do.

Just 1 more engineer to do and then I might tackle my second cannon. 


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Last of the 6th Ed Dwarf Warriors

Well, I finished my last 5 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons. This now bumps that unit up to 30, which is nice as that means I can make them bigger with my unit fillers.

Now I'm not 100% happy with them (especially the middle beard), however I am happy they are finished, and for the time being I won't be painting any more of these types of Dwarfs. Over time the 6th Ed warriors have grown on me, and now I think I only have 6 or 7 left and that's it. So I'm quite content to leave them for now and move on.

Anyways here is the last lot of warriors.

Now next up, I'm still planning on painting more Dwarfs, and its probably going to be either 6th Ed engineers or an old Marauder Siege Cannon. Both of which I feel would be useful in the near future.

If you have any ideas what to tackle next or what I should add to my Dwarf force, let me know.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Runesmith complete

Had a productive couple of days. Managed to finished my second Runesmith model. Its being sitting barely base coated for a long time, as initially I wasn’t too happy with the model. But I thought I better get it done, as I need another Runesmith/Lord for bigger games.

Let me know what you think.

Again not too sure what to paint up next. I’m thinking maybe a Marauder Siege cannon, or maybe some 6th Ed engineers, or perhaps just 5 Great Weapon warriors to round my unit out to 30.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Slayers and an old school Battlewagon

Well, I've finally (for the time being) finished my Slayer unit. I now have 25 in total, which for the time being I think is acceptable. Enjoy!

Glad I finally finished them off.

Now I have a 40k WIP update here. Since my friend is playing Dark Angels, and I'm going with my Freebooterz (pirate Orks that come from any clan), I thought I might do up a battle wagon for my Kaptin  and Nobz to ride in. After a lot of pinning and stealing parts from a Revel plastic ship, I've got a start. here are some pics.

 The mast is from a Revel plastic ship, as the original is long lost. Other than that all the other components were there.
 The crows nest is made from an inverted plastic round base (20mm), then just cut up doors from a Rhino kit stuck around. I think it looks the part!
 The brass is from the 40k basing kit, and I just cut a hole in the middle, and slid it down the mast to rest.
Here are some grot riggaz. The pirate goblin heads are from Maxmini. The anchor again is from the Revel ship set.

I'm not too sure what else to add here. I do intend on making some paper banners. 1 of the Jolly Ork at the top of the crows nest. Another 2 hanging down with a whole bunch of ork gliphs on them. Colour wise, it will be the same as my existing Freebooterz, which I will upload at some stage.

If you have any tips or suggestions of what to add please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for looking.