Monday, 18 April 2016

Into the breach! Some thoughts on running Zone Mortalis with Space Hulk tiles

I recently played a game of Zone Mortalis against my friend. We don't have the wonderful (and expensive) tiles from Forge World, though I do own a lot editions of Space Hulk, so we thought we would use these close confines to represent our space station in our Duty and Shadow campaign.

Below are a few thoughts on how to use it, though by no means are all these ideas mine, I did collect them from a few places, but I just wanted a single area where I have them, and perhaps add to them as I play more games with this. One thing I will say is that it is very brutal!


For our games, armies could only be selected from Power Armoured marines (no jump packs), Terminators and Dreadnoughts, Contemptors and Leviathans. We used the following rules, though if the bases went over the tiles, then that was okay. 

Infantry (power armour) could move down the corridors 2 abreast.
Terminators, Deadnoughts, Contemptors, Leviathans could only move down the corridors single file.

All models move as per normal, 6" on the board. 


Shooting was still line of sight, as per the normal rules, plus using the additional rules in Zone Mortalis for overwatch.

For blast weapons, we decided that is there was any scatter off the tile, it would instead hit the wall and detonate there.

Close Combat

Again, line of sight is crucial, so you cannot launch an assault if you can't see the target.


We used doors in our game. It was a given that the standard doors would cost 1" inch of movement to open or close. You could also blast them, so we treated doors as the following with a wound destroying it.



Due to the very close confines of the game, I realistically think that a game should be no more than 1500pts, in fact our game was 1000pts, which was a good round number. We also found in our game that large units could soak a lot of fire, though did encounter trouble moving about those close confines.

I'm sure there are more things we could add. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on games you have run, please add them in the comments!

Thanks for looking.


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