Imperial Fists

Here I have all the pictures of my Imperial Fists. These have been painted over a long period of time, and remain my pride and joy.

I'll endeavour to add to this as the years roll on. A warning however, it is rather pic heavy.



 The first Imperial Fist I painted, Captain Lachdannan. Still in regular rotation. Based off the Sicarius model with added extras for my preferred armament.

 Librarian Grenstein, great model, and of course, armed with a Storm Shield for added survive ability.

 Sigismund, made and used well and truly before the official model was released.

 Ironclad, moddelled off the Ultramarine veteran Dreadnought

 My Hestan, before the rules changed and I can no longer use him as Hestan.

 My custom Fellblade, before there were Fellblades. The Fellblade 'Eidelweis'.

 Tactical Squad I

 Tactical Squad II

 Sigismund's Spartan. Great model, but a pain to paint.

 Primaris Medicae in Terminator armour.

 New iteration of Captain Lachdannan. Great model to paint.

My Sternguard Veterans. Took ages to paint, but glad they are done.

Thanks for looking!

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