Sunday, 8 June 2014


I have some photo's of some of the Orc's I have been painting recently. I made a list, a crazy list that only contained orc's or bigger models. This list contained no animosity counters, as I found it more amusing to leave that out. I suppose I am trying to beat my record, of my Big Un unit failing all its animosity checks in a game of Warhammer.

Anyways here are the boys I am working on.

 I'm sure you would have noticed that I gave the lower lip some colour. Thought it would be more interesting than just green.
I'm working on these guys next for my unit of Big Un's. The animosity unit filler is most fitting as I have already mentioned that my unit of Big 'Un's suffered animosity in every gane turn of a game I had. The other is a Orc looter. Wish I could get a hold of the pig one though. maybe one day.

I am also working on a new Warboss, which for now I will keep concealed. Watch this space for progress.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 7 June 2014


I have been up to soo much hobby it is crazy. It's just I have been very slack when it comes to taking photo's of them, editing them, then uploading them here.

As I have mentioned previously, I have started to paint some Hammerers, as they are a rock hard unit and I need somewhere for my Dwarf Lord to go. I decided not to post any pictures till I have finished the first rank. Well, I have done that so here they are.

I also made a new movement tray, 7 x 5, so they can go very fighty or go for defense and have 5 x 7. When I have finished another rank I'll post that up as well. I think they look quite good so I am pleased with how they have turned out.

I have also painted a few of my Orc's and been assembling some units but I'll wait till I take some more pictures.

Cheers for looking!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Trouble Underground Battle IV

Here is a battle a friend and I played a few weeks ago. It is the 4th in a series of 5 games. We decided (a long time ago) to play through the 5 underground games from the Blood in the Badlands book as something different as opposed to playing just random games. The deal with these games is that if the attacker loses a game, that's it, campaign over.

The first game is the Night Goblins first forray into the underground realm, so pits an assault force of 1500pts against a patrol of 1000pts of Dwarfs. Shockingly I won the first game and nearly won the second (all down to the last roll of the game!).

The second game was where he was poisoning the wells. Which he did in such a fashion that I now had a 100 point disadvantage in every game for the rest o the campaign.

The 3rd game was to stop the Night Goblins destroying some structure pillars. This one was a draw, so he could still continue the campaign, but I lost nothing.

So this here is the 4th game in out little series. There are two big Dwarf Runepillarspraycans, very important structures. This game was a good size, 2k a side with me having an additional 500points that come on as ambushers.For the ambushers, I decided their role would be to claim the enemy held pillar, so I made them a 20 strong unit of Longbeards and a character in there as well.

Dwarf deployment, so good to have it all painted!
Orc and goblin deployment. The giant mangler is actually just a giant for this game.

Believe it or not, my Dwarfs didn't move much this battle.
The Hoard surges forward!
Those random critters around just turned up for this game. They are actually trolls and squigs jumping about. There are also stalactites that fall, but they were more attracted to my unit of GW Warriors. Go figure.
Blue Moon brew helped the Dwarfs keep their resolve.
The line is coming closer.
Organ gun fires at the goblins. I love that machine in this current edition. It now does more than blow up!
A fanatic gets close to me Iron Breakers. They break no sweat.
My Longbeards arrive! They decided to arrive on the rocky out crop as that Mangler bouncing around the back looks trouble. Also I love rolling lots of DT checks and making long charges.
This here represents a few failed annimosity checks, hence the non movement. Fine by me!

Mangler gets close to the Longbeards. This is where I wish they were Rangers.
Goblins finally flee from the Organ Gun shooting. The rest of the army, being punished by the shooting, decide to consolidate to their half of the field.
Dwarfs cheer! And drink Beer!

Longbeards decide to make a break for the pillarcan. They make a long charge at the giant. Against S7, it doesn't last long at all.
Final turn. The mangler clips my Longbeards and kills a few, while the goblins (and front row of big bosses with GW), attack and cause them to flee. They get away from them though.

So a draw, but a very close one for the Orc's and Goblins! Now are up to the last scenario, where it is 2500pts or 3000pts a side. Should be epic! I should not that throughout this game, we drank some fine Blue Moon brew and had Face Off playing in the background. Just epic.

Thanks for looking.