Saturday, 27 July 2019

The Battle for Maugthrond Pass, the battle concludes!

This is the second part of the old scenario, The Battle for Maugthrond, from the old 4th edition boxed game. For the first part, please return here.

The goblin hoard has severely depleted the forces of the elves, with now only the archers that came as reinforcements on.

Goblins Turn 5

Blacktoof swoops and lines up on the victorious elven archers.
The spearmen valiantly take the final charge from Grom and the trolls.
The giant stares down the archers from the north tower. Surely one elf can take off the last wound?
Alas the spearelves are wiped out before their archer kin.

Elves Turn 5

Eltharion, like a thunderbolt from the sky, streaks straight into Grom, ready for revenge!
In the magic phase he gets off a Hand of Glory on himself, and manages to put Glamour of Teclis on the giant.
The archers are slammed by a big unit of goblins and Blacktoof.
The Glamour of Teclis saved the archers, who got off some more shots, only to fail to wound!
Eltharion finally has his revenge! Grom is down! This fight with 5th Edition special characters was especially close. Eltharion has no protection aside from heavy armour and mounted, and Grom has little armour, other than regen. However, Eltharion has a monstrous attack profile, taking away one of Grom's attacks, wheras if Grom can land blows, it will hurt. This challenge went on for two turns, but finally Eltharion (and lady luck) came through.
Unsurprising, Blacktoof and the goblins manage to eliminate 3 elf archers.

Elf Turn 6

Eltharion swoops towards Blacktoof, as that was the only way I could make up on the victory points. If I can kill Blacktoof, then I win the game! Plus if I can get the Glamour of Teclis off on Blacktoof, then I am in a good position to attack him in the last turn.

Archers line up. I still fail to kill the giant...

Goblin Turn 6

Blacktoof charges Eltharion!
Giant, with a taste now for elven archers, goes for some more.
After a brutal combat, which sees Eltharion severely wounded (1 wound left, he saved this with his armour save roll of a 6), and Stormwing severely wounded (2 wounds left), Eltharion kills Blacktoof! Only for him to use the magic card "escape"! The wyvern is driven off, and in the pursuit, Eltharion collides into another unit of goblins.
Even heavily wounded, Eltharion issues a challenge, and butchers the goblin big boss.
The archers were minced by the giant, so my last unit of elven archers from the west, shoot and finally kill the giant! It has been on 1 wound since Turn 1!. When it fell, it nearly fell on the escaped Backtoof!


Goblins: 18 Victory Points
Elves: 13 Victory Points

Goblins for the win!

This was a very one sided game...until Eltharion turned up. Not being getting the signal fire off, and having everything come a turn later was quite the impedement. Plus my elves busy having their breakfast was not great! That Swordmaster unit was meant for greater things, not being clipped and run down! But all swings and roundabouts. Eltharion was quite the hero, and making some very lucky saves for him, ensured he survived the battle and unlike most 'new paint syndrome', he did some damage!

As for what is next, my friend and I are in discussion as to whether we are going to do the whole Eltharion and Grom campaign. We have roughly broken the Eltharion story from the old High Elves book down into 6 or 7 games, including Maugthrond. 

So will keep you posted!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 20 July 2019

The Battle for Maugthrond Pass, the battle commences!

The scene is set. We embarked on this massive game of nostalgia, but with renewed vigor. I must admit, it took me a little bit of time to get my head around making an army list for 5th, plus a lot of the magic cards were most certainly a trip down nostalgia lane. At the time I played Skaven,  and my main opponent was Chaos, who would regularly thump me. So I had to be sneaky and use items like van Hostmans, and shards that lock them in time. Great times. Still, It was quite nice, plus I was looking forward to using the White Lions special rules, which I was very keen to do.

So without further ado, the first part of the battle!

The armies

High Elves 2000pts 5th Edition army book, items and Magic

Eltharion on Stormwing
The Fangsword of Eltharion
The Helm of Yvresse
Talisman of Hoeth

Thronduin Lv 3 Mage
Black Amulet
Chalice of Sorcery
Skull Staff

4 units of 5 archers with longbows and light armour

20 Spearelves with a standard with the Banner of Defiance and musican

18 Swordmasters with full command and the Ruby Chalice (-2 to shooting, -1 to hit in close combat after first casualty) on the Champion.

15 White Lions with standard and musician with the Banner of Might ( +1 to hit)

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Goblin Hoard of Grom 2000 pts 5th Edition army book, items and Magic

Grom the Paunch
Grom's Axe
Horn of Urgok

Goblin Master Shaman on Wyvern (Blacktoof)
Staff of lightning

Wolf rider Goblin Big Boss with the Crown of Command

2 x Goblin Big Bosses with Great Weapons

2 x 20 goblin archers

10 goblin archers

2 x 24 goblin spears, shields, standard and musician

6 x river trolls


Bolt thrower


The battle

The scene is set in the ancient village of Maugthrond. Thronduin is glad they made it back to his ancestral estates to ensure it wasn't despoiled by the loathsome goblins. He feels very confident that they will not come, especially as this place is quite far off the beaten track. Still, to play it safe, there are archers in each of the watch towers, plus a repeater bolt thrower in tower facing east. The elves, have there breakfast, confident the sharp eyes of the lookouts will warn them of any encroaching dangers.

The spearelves, White Lions and Thronduin's Guard of Swordmasters, break camp and have their delectable breakfast. We couldn't decide whether it was Lembas bread or Magic Jelly.
The goblin hoard deployed in the mist, to get close to the village.

With the mists rolling off the Annulii, being dispersed before the cruel goblin hoard of Grom, the goblins catch the elves of guard and have the first turn and move forward, making as little noise as they can. Despite the orders from Grom, one of the goblin units starts arguing over who has the pointiest spear for killing elves.

Elves Turn 1

The goblins take the elves completely off guard. The archers, leave the protection of the tower, with one of their number attempting to light the signal fire, which would warn Thronduin and the other watchtowers. Alas, the wood is too wet, and doesn't take the flame.

The repeater bolt thrower lines up a shot on the giant and does 3 wounds, while the archers do another 2 wounds.

Goblins Turn 2

The rest of the goblins move up. Blacktoof arrives on the field, and flies close to the waystone, ready to sap its energy. The injured giant charges the watch tower.

The giant smashes one of the elves, while his comrade, not used to such violence legs it.
Nothing happens in magic.
The elves are still happily and jovially having their magic jelly.
The end of the Goblin turn sees the goblins get closer, with the elves failing to warn their kin.

Elves Turn 2

With the warning not been given, the elf turn is very quick. Only the 5 archers can do anything.
The archers, line up their shots on the giant, hoping to remove its last wound. However, the tough hide of the monster holds.

Goblins Turn 3
The giant, charges into the archers, who despite getting a few hits, cannot penetrate its tough hide to take the beast down.
The trolls make a charge against the Swordmasters, clipping the last model. The combat sees the elves suffer too many losses, especially when enjoying their magic jelly. They break and are run down! Thronduin, using the escape card from the magic phase to jump into a portal and deploy elsewhere on the field.

Elves Turn 3

The elf spirits are very low! It was only a moment ago that Thronduin and his Swordmaster guard were enjoying their breakfast, the next they were beaten and eaten by trolls! No one knew the fate of Thronduin himself, so they cast aside their magic jelly and formed ranks to oppose the trolls.
The last remnant of the bolt thrower, rallies and steals himself to take out a giant but the hill.

And in he charges! He only has to do 1 wound, and he reclaims his glory!
The elves form ranks, ready to face the trolls.
Thronduin himself, casts some magic, to teleport to the rock lobber, and dispatches the crew in short order.

Alas, the brave elf meets his end, and gets picked up and thrown into the signal fire. At least now its lit.

Goblin Turn 4

The trolls, line up and charge into the elves, with the hoards of goblins not far behind, ready to burn the ancient home.
Grom, seeing his chance to get into combat, goes for a long charge into the spearelves. Needing at least an 11, he gets a 12 for a charge!
The elves, sandwiched between the trolls and Grom, prepare to sell their lives dearly.

Blacktoof, moves up to the waystone and steals its magic, thus scoring 10 victory points!

The charge takes a terrible toll in lives. With the elves failing their fear checks making little mark on the trolls or Grom.
Unsurprising they flee, with the brave White Lions being run down. The spearelves just make it away.
The battlefield at the end of the Goblin turn. The elves only have 1 unit left, and it is fleeing.

Elves Turn 4

The elves get reinforcements from the other watch towers, who appear at the north, west and south table edges. The spearelves, rally in the face of Grom and the deplorable trolls.
The elves coming from the south, charge into the goblins, ready to spill goblin blood! While the archers from the north and west, line up and attempt to slay the one wound giant, to no avail!
The elves from the south watchtower, slaughter the goblins, run them down, and panic off the goblin unit behind them.

This concludes part one of the Battle fot Maugthrong Pass. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Will the elves come back from the precipice of defeat? Will Eltharion be able to make enough of an impact to save the day?

Thanks for looking!