Sunday, 3 February 2019

Lord of the Rings Minas Tirth vs Mordor

Given the amount of downtime I have had, it was only natural I spent a lot of it procrastinating around and reading a lot of blogs, especially new ones. A few of them had people playing games with their children, which I have done once before but thought no more of it since then.

However, I though it was time to get my boys playing again, and playing a game that I was quite excited to play, Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

I remember the Lord of the Rings phase many years ago when the movies came out. Needlessly to say, I was a big fan. Model wise, I remember my friend getting a few of the sets, and I got the main box (Last alliance) and the Balrog and Gandalf set. I also dimly remember getting the Two Towers box. As far as games though, I think we only played a couple of games and then it kind of fizzled. That said, over the years I always kept an eye on it, but I always viewed the game, and the models, as temporary. I remember thinking, this is not going to outlast Warhammer Fantasy, so there is little point investing in it. How wrong I was...

So when GW re-released Lord of the Rings, I dived head first. I have wanted a Minas Tirith army since forever, so I went straight for that. I immediately bought my favourite character from the movie and the book, Boromir. I also picked up a few bits and bobs to flesh out the force. I also got some Rohan and Mordor models to flesh  them out form the basic Pellenor Fields box.

So it was this system, as it seemed rather simple, which I got the boys to play. This is the third or forth game we have played. The boys picked the forces of good for this game, whereas I went with the despicable Mordor.

Here are the forces.

Minas Tirith

Boromir with Banner



7 Warriors of Minas Tirith with shields

6 Citadel Guard with bows

6 Citadel Guard with spears


Shagrat with shield


24 Morannon orcs with assorted shields and spears

Mordor troll

I do feel the Mordor side really needs some more omph, but it is a work in progress. I also know I need more heroes to field that many orcs, but they aren't easy to come by, considering the GW site is always out of stock! So needless to say, I just carried on.

This mission was just Faramir escaping from some orcs, and his big brother coming to save him. Pretty simple mash up.

 I really do love the look of the table, just need more trees I think. Oh and the models need a few licks of paint.
 Orcs crashing after Faramir.
 I let the boys get priority first. Faramir made it to Boromir, and they all crashed through the shallow fjord.
 Orcs crash in. The mission for the orcs is to kill Faramir. I told the boys to keep him alive.
 On the other side, the orcs, Gorbag and the troll make for Beregond and his bowmen.
 Duels did not go well for me. The boys have a tendency to roll high. Boromir just turned anything in front of him to mist.

 Beregrong and the Guard jump the orcs as they cross the river.
 More orcs file into the men of Minas Tirith.
 "Aim for the troll!"
 The wave of orcs just kept coming, though Boromir was doing a superb job of clearing the way.

 The troll finally got into combat, and would you believe, got beaten easily and lost two wounds in one round to archers in combat!

 Orcs very thin on the ground now, with Boromir and Faramir taking their toll of orc blood.

Finally numbers stared to go my way against the archers, but too little to late. The game ended in another win for the boys, and for Minas Tirith.

It was a fun game, and easy to remember the rules. I must say, that I love the table set up, I just need to get round to painting the models.

So in my next post I will show some of the models I have done so far.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Deathwing 3 and some terrain

Well, I have been busy painting away. I have finished of the Librarian in Terminator armour for the Deathwing. The model is from the Space Hulk set, with most of the Blood Angel motifs shaved off. I also cut down the shoulder pad and added a Dark Angels one from my bits box.

 I also made a start on the next squad. Hope to get them primed before the next game!

I have also been playing a few games of Middle -Earth strategy Battle Game with my sons. It has been good fun, so I got round to getting a bit of terrain done for the grass mat.

I got these from a railway hobby shop that I found just 2 minutes from my new house. They have a lot of very cool stuff there, and a plethora of paints and such. So I can forsee I will spend a lot of time there in the future. 

These trees and underbrush are from that shop, from the railway section. They look very nice, though I understand I need to spray it with a mixture of PVA, water and something else? I need more research in order to know what to spray it with to get it to set. Still, very happy with them.

I do have a game coming up, in theory, so I will try and get some terrain ready for it and if I can paint a couple of terminators. 

Back to it!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Deathwing part 2

Finshed off some more of my Deathwing!

Firstly though, I thought i'd post why I have gone with the colour scheme white instead of the more common 'bone' armour.

For a long time, I have been a big fan of Space Hulk, and while doing some research on what to paint these models, I came across an old PC game that I quite forgot that I had.

 I absolutely loved that intro sequence, especially with the assault cannon blasting the wall bursting with genestealers! So cool!
 I even came across the old novel Deathwing, which cites the reason why they coloured their armour white.

 And of course, the latest game, which is very atmospheric, and great fun trudging through the derelict ships that comprise of a space hulk.

 So with that in mind, I went with white, as it felt more old school (which is what i like) and harkens back to so many cool Space Hulk inspired experiences.
 With that, I managed to finish Belial, despite being resin, wasn't too bad, though the sword unusable, so had to replace it with the Deathwing box sword. I also added a cape from the same box, as it looked the part.
 Close up of the sergeant. I removed the feathers at the top, as I wasn't a fan.
 I magnetized this one, so I can change his loadout. Should be useful when I use him for Space Hulk games.

 Group shot of my painted forces so far.
And my wip Librarian, from the Space Hulk set. Hope to have him ready before the next planned game against Genestealer Cults.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 30 December 2018


Well, been rather busy with moving house, but most of the dust has settled. I am still awaiting to unpack the vast majority of my collection, so with an upcoming game I thought I would use my deathwing. Rather surprising I haven’t posted much of them.

Still I have finished my first unit so here they are.

Apologies for the lack lustre photo. Unfortunately the internet is yet to be set up and I have to rely on the iPad for photos and uploading. Still, I am glad I got a unit done. I chose space hulk themed bases, as I love space hulk and would use them unit in that as well.

Next I am working on Belial for an upcoming 1200pt game. I am using pure Deathwing against Genestealer Cults, so it will be quite themed!

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, 1 December 2018

And now for something completely different..

Well it has certainly been a while since I have posted anything here. I have, however, been very busy with real life. Just in the span of the last few months I have another baby boy (third one now), trying to fix up the house to sell and building a new house to boot. I have an inspection next week to look at the new house, so hopefully it will be ready to move into before Christmas, but I am not expecting it.

So with all of that going on, quite understandably, I have had little time to hobby, though I have made a start on something I wanted to do ages ago.

 To help while away the nights, I watched the entire Hornblower series. Absolutely loved it and made me have a thirst for painting up my Napoleonics, which have sat in boxes behind the computer. I mainly got them from Warlord, though since doing a lot of research, I have branched out to have a look at some other companies, such a Perry and such. I do like Warlord models though, and I have a starter British army, starter French army and the Waterloo box. In fact the starter French army was sent to me in error, but being the kind chaps they are at Warlord, they said to keep it and sent me what I did in fact order, which was rather kind of them. It was through doing a lot of research into the Napoleonic era (since I had lots of late nights), that I discovered Sharpe.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed all the series of Sharpe, and further fueled interest into the period. I haven't really done any historical wargaming, though I have enjoyed reading up on the period, researching the correct uniforms for regiments and the like. I figure it is easier to build for a particular part of the period, especially as the Napoleonic wars went for a long time. So I have decided to focus on the battle of Waterloo. Since I already have the Waterloo box, plus enough models to bulk up the French and British sides, it seemed a natural choice. There is of course, more models I want to get to bulk up the two sides, being Marshal Ney and Uxbridge, I figure I will wait till I at least paint some basic forces first. One unit I was too weak to resist were these 95th Rifles, especially as they seemed to be modelled on Sharpe! Very much looking forward to this unit arriving, hopefully before I move house!

So thusly inspired, I painted up half a unit of line infantry. I don't think I will base them till the other half are done but I might crack, and see what they look like. Overall, they are quite different from what I am used to, and I have enjoyed the research that went into it, which simply is not the case with 30k, 40k or Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

So next up I intend to paint the command group, as I am desperate to see what the flags look like.

Here is hoping I can be a little more consistent with the blogging, but no pressure. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Gorbash ready for thumpin!

Finished the banner for the Megaboss! I was originally going to do a paper banner, but I didn't like how it turned out. So I found a replacement.

 The banner is from my original unit of Big'uns from Fantasy Battle. I still think it looks great after all this time, and it was what I envisaged for his back banner anyway. I also thought that it's a shame that that banner looks so good, on a unit that I will hardly field, so in propa orc fachion, the Megaboss took it for his own! Now there is no mistaking who is the one in charge!

I still want to add some wood grain for the standard, but I will get there when I get there. I did assemble Ironskulls boyz, but due to rain, I can't spray them yet.

I also have a skirmish campaign coming up later this week, so I am hoping I can at least get them sprayed and ready, so my starting force is good to go. I also want to pick up some Brutes, but we shall see.

Anyways, thanks for looking.


Monday, 27 August 2018

A little WIP...


Thought I would share something I have been working on for Age of Sigmar. Played a few skirmish games, and looks like we are going to do a skirmish campaign.We are going to start at 50 Renown, as I wanted to take a proper hero.

Here is the journey so far.

As always, I like top start with the leader, and I wanted to go with the Megaboss. Although I liked the model, it was just missing something, so I added my favourite bit, the Space Wolf Terminator cloak, and I have to have a banner on there as well. I will do a paper banner at some stage. The collection of shields, are simply the heroes these guy has bested, a lot of them from the old world.

Next I want to work on the Ironskullz boyz, as they are the last unit I need to paint up for the skirmish warband. Hoping to grab them tonight and make a start on them tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, 16 July 2018

A little activity

It has been a long time between posts! Life just gets busy.

I haven't painted a great deal, though I have had a few games, mainly 40k and we did try out the new Age of Sigmar on the weekend. Overall, not too bad.

However, all that gaming got me interested in doing some painting, so I finished off one of my wip boards for 40k.

I quite like the detail on the board, and I think it will work well with the upcoming 40k Killteam. I figure I might paint up some off my buildings (which I have a few), and at least get this section of the board painted before doing another. 

Anyways, it's been nioce to finish off and will be fun to game on.

That's all for now, will see if I have anything else to post in the next 6 months.