Sunday, 14 September 2014

Empire Knights Panther

This has been a very slow month for painting. A lot of things going on at work and unfortunately not the energy to do much when I do get home. On the plus side, I do have holidays in two weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting some more painting done then.

However I have managed to paint something for fun, and that's an old Empire Knights Panther Grand Master. I've got a box of old Empire that a friend gave me when he exited the hobby, and in there is a few Knights Panther, enough even to make a unit. Since for me Knights Panther has always exemplified the Empire for me, ever since the famous John Blanche picture gracing the Empire in Flames old RPG series. So I thought I'd paint some up, if anyting I can use them as allies for my Dwarfs.

I shamelessly copied the colour scheme out of the old 4th/5th Edition Warhammer book. I'm also intending in copying the banner in there as well.

So here he is, ready to wreck ruin.

A lot of fun to paint. I really do like the old Empire Knights, such great detail on the models. I do have a standard and another 4 Knights Panther as well, so I'm slowly working through them.

Thanks for looking!


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