Saturday, 5 November 2016

Huscarl banner bearer complete

I know I am meant to be working on the new army, but this model just kinda begged to be complete. I felt that Dorn and the Huscarl's needed a banner for the army, just to feel complete. The banner itself is from the 25th Crimson Fist anniversary model, which just was perfect for the model.

As always for my Huscarl's, I gave him the ceremonial cloak.

 I had to green stuff the "Crimson" words ar the top of the scroll, glad you can't really see that.
 As always, he as a storm shield, only the best for my Huscarl's! I also put something on the back of the banner, just to be a bit more interesting. I figure it is the name of all the Huscarl's that have fallen in battle. Or something like that.

 I couldn't resist a group shot defending Dorn.
Hope you like!

Thanks for looking.


Thursday, 6 October 2016


I have finished assembling the last of the squad, and have even made an attempt at a colour scheme. As already stated, they will be painted black in the Justaerin style, but finding a good black scheme, other than just painting them black, has been quite difficult.

First up though, is the rest of the squad.

With these melta guns, I actually magnetised them, so I can swap them out for other kit, like heavy bolters and the like if I want, with out having to make another model kitted that way.

Now I have also had a go at a scheme. Here is the wip.

I'm worried it looks a little too grey, however, I need it to be 'lighter' so I can add some battle damage later. I am really happy with the left shoulder pad, as that turned out well. I also like my red. The base I am still wondering about. I was thinking metallic with red dust, but not sure.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Monday, 3 October 2016

The next project

I have been working on and off on my Imperial Fists for a long time now. So I thought it was about time for a change. My Imperial Fists had a very definite theme to them when I started them, being a mechanised force, all mounted in armour. The same would apply to my new force.

I'm not a big fan of 40k at the moment, whereas 30k for me is very exciting, and it seems to be the main game I play these days. So I thought I'd see what it was like on the other side of the fence and go for a traitor force. Admittedly, not many of the other legions really inspire me like the Imperial Fists does, but what does come close are the Sons of Horus.

I am however not too big a fan of the sea green (perhaps it will grow on me), but I am a real big fan of Horus and his Justaerin. So I figure, like people before me, that I'd go for an elite, chosen army of Justaerin. The colour scheme was also a big factor in them being chosen, no yellow.

So for my second Heresy force, I would play the ultimate bad guys. I have made a little progress, and made up some veterans, as although this is a 1st company, Justaerin force, they also did don power armour on occasions. I am also going to steer clear of armour, as that is what my Imperial Fists are, and go for a different play style, which just happens to be drop pod heavy (or dreadclaw heavy)

So here is the start of my force.

I wanted these marines to stand out as veterans, and put as many gubbins on them as possible. I wanted them to reflect being representatives of the best Legion, with that sense of merciless fighters.

I want to finish off this squad and then do a few test pieces to see if I can get a scheme going.

I have in my bits box for this force at present:
15 more veterans
10 Heavy support with lascannons
2 Dreadclaws
Malogurst (conversion)

I am planning on getting some (a few) Justaerin in Terminator armour soonish as well.

I am rather new to this play style, and Legion, so any pointers or comments would be most appreciated, especially in painting black.

Thanks for looking.


Friday, 30 September 2016

30k Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion/Questoris Knights

I managed to have a 2500pt game against my friends Alpha Legion, bolstered with a few of my Knights to make the points. Normally I write a fair bit about these games, but I always forget to take notes, especially on the mission that we play (considering I just go for crushing victory and walk over my dead enemies, not surprising I don't remember). This time, however, I am getting lazy, and dead tired to boot, so I might just post some pics with a little commentary long the way. Hope that will be okay.

Here we go!

 Alpha Legion Deployment (I was amazed that they deployed for once!) The yellow units were lent/stolen by the AL for this game.
 My meagre force. Of course, in that spartan is Dorn and my Huscarls, plus a Primaris Medicae in Terminator armour. Veterans and breachers in the land raiders.
 I steal the initiative!

 The AL Siege Tyrants blow up the Veterans Land Raider with 20 Krak missiles.

 The Land Raider lines up on the lead Knight.

 The leviathan sees a target, but gets immobilised from the 20 Krak missiles from the Siege Tyrants!
 Breachers pop out in an effort to stall Dorn.
 Turn 3 sees all my units pop out. At this stage of the game, very little has died.
 Then down goes the first Knight Errant.

With Dorn and his Huscarls rippin into the breachers, who do a fair job of soaking damage, in that there is some left to run away!

 Lots of shots from the Siege Tyrants and another tactical squad Furying of the legion, take their toll on Dorn's Huscarls.
 My turn 4.

 Despite strapping 10 melta-bombs to the land raider, I do 2 hull points. Not quite what I was hoping for. Dorn and the Huscarls rip the squad apart and consolidate towards those thrice cursed Siege Tyrants.
 My other land raider pops the last Knight.

 The tyrants, Dynat and the AL tactical squad all charge Dorn and his unit.
 Dorn takes some damage, but deals enough back to send the tactical marines fleeing.

 The veterans charge around the land raider to help out Dorn and the Huscarls. Which proves enough of a tipping point that they flee off the table.
 This sneaky squad moves behind my lines for the objective, and all I can do is shoot 2 lascannons at them a turn, which proves to not be enough.

The game ends in a very slight win to the Imperial Fists, only through attrition. We both help objectives, and both either got slay the warlord or first blood. A very close match.

Thanks for looking.