Sunday, 5 October 2014

Battle for Leichtwasser Pass Part 1

I have another battle from a game recently. Again I was playing the dastardly forces of Chaos and my friend using his cool list of Pirate Vampires led by Luthor Haarkon. This game was smaller than the others, being at 1200pts. I usually don't like these point games for Chaos as they are way to small, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways. Here are the forces!

 Forces of Chaos 1200pts
'Tormentor' Chaos Sorceror (Lv2, Chaos Familiar, Talisman of Protection, Charmed Shield, Mark of Tzeentch)

20 Chaos Warriors (Shields, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch, Flaming Banner)

6 Chaos Trolls (Additional Hand Weapons)

3 Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Weapons)

Gorebeast Chariot

No BSB was a risk for me, however being Chaos, mean that I really couldn't afford much when it came to characters. My main thought was two things, I knew he would take a Terrorgheist, and I had to deal with that. I hoped I could try and catch it our with the fast moving units, such as the Skullcrushers, Gorebeast Chariot or the Trolls, and might get lucky and magic it off. Here's hoping.

The second thing I was planning for was the regen. Since a lot of Tzeentch magic has the ability to give the enemy regen, I thought I might mitigate that by putting the flaming banner on my main unit of Warriors. Flip side of this meant that I could not take the Banner of Discipline, and bump my leadership. Hope that doesn't turn round to bite me!

 Haarkon's Reavers 1200pts 
 Master Necromancer (lv4) (in the zombies)

Vampire hero (in the skeletons)

20 Skeletons (Full command)

20 or 30 Zombies

8 Crypt Fiends

6 Dire Wolves

6 Dire Wolves

The scene is set and the die is cast. His Dire Wolves vanguard up, and I get first turn. Naturally we rolled Battle for the Pass, with a river flowing down the middle of the table. We have yet to find out what it is.

Chaos Turn 1
 My forces trundle up, not too far as I am acutely aware that the Terrorgheist is the number 1 target. Last few games it has just wiped me out. So cautious movement all round, so it can't get behind my line and call it game. My magic is totally ineffective, considering I rolled a 2 for the winds of magic, I did nothing. That was my very effective turn.

Vampire Turn 1

The pirates are on the move! His units move cautiously up and his Dire Wolves again try and bait my Skullcrushers by being 21" away. Magic wise I think he added some more zombies to his unit, and he might have got a buff off as well. Terrorgheist too far away to scream, so its his turn over. 

Chaos Turn 2

 My turn was very unproductive. Cautious movements all around. Still trying to catch the Terrorgheist. The Warriors and Trolls move carefully forward towards the Vampire lines. Magic, although the winds were kind, I was unable to cast anything or even do a single wound! Some liquid courage eased my burden however.

Vampire Turn 2
This turn we find out why this is called Leichtwasser Pass, the river is a river of light! The Crypt Fiends frolic in the shallows and get rewarded with a Behuna's Timewarp! The Terrorgheist see's this and also goes for a splash, and also gets a Timewarp! The rest of the line moves up, so to speak into the Warriors grill. Magic was not too eventful and no shooting as the Terrorgheist is still out of range.

That concludes part 1. So far, not a lot has happened, just movement shenanigans. magic has also not reaped much. Thankfully also that Terrorgheisthas not don't too much either!

I'll try and put the next part up soon. <Part 2 can be found here>

Thanks for looking!


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