Saturday, 6 July 2013


Well, finally got some time to make a post! I've been up to a bit of hobby activity so will try and share what I can remember.

Firstly got up to a Warhammer Fantasy night last weekend, which was a blast. Basically took along 700pts of Dwarfs for one on one, and a 1200pt list for a 2 vs 2 game. I also brought along my Chaos Warriors for my friend to try (as he doesn't have an army).

My first match was against him and the warrior list I made. I also rolled watchtower, and he put that nice solid unit of warriors with addidional hand wepaons in there. Needless to say, I just bounced off that thing and ultimately, only killed everything else bar that blasted tower! Ahh well.

The second game of the night was the 2 v 2. I was allied to good ol solid Empire, and the forces of Destruction were Night Goblins and the Warriors of Chaos. This game was rather short, as we managed to steal the first turn (with a six), then my ally cast Dwellers below on a big unit of Night Goblins, and we cannoned off a mangler. Their first turn mainly resulted in the Chaos Sorceror miscasted and detonating inhis big unit of Chaos Warriors, killing half and getting himself sucked into the Realm of Chaos. Then they ran. They decided to call it there. Fair call.

The third game was a bit longer, still a 2 vs 2, but this time was a watch tower scenario again. So in went the Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Nurgle, halberds and shields into the watch tower. Despite the early success of Dwellers on a few units, and a rampaging Throgg, we couldn't take the watch tower in time, and ultimately the game went to the forces of desctruction. Ahh well, better luck next time. Still I had a blast, and am looking forward to the next planned evening. Just a shame I didn't take any pics! My bad.

So I have been painting up some forces for the next gaming night. I really want to take slayers, so have started a unit of them. I already have two Dragon Slayers from the painting comp entries, so should hopefully be able to throw them in there as well. Down below I have the first three models painted of the unit. le me know what you think.

I have also painted some more Chaos. Namely some more Chaos Trolls to walk around with Throgg. All up now I have 8 Chaos trolls plus Throgg, so not a bad unit.

So now I have three painted of eight. Not too bad. For the Warriors of Chaos, which at this stage I am mainly painting for my friend to use, I also got some Chaos Warrior Halberds and some nurgle icons, in order to make the unit more appropriate. Still thinking about a colour scheme though, so will let you know whan I come up with one.

I've also painted up some more movement trays for the Dwarfs, as I do dislike using unpainted ones, just ruins the paintjob to be honest!

Well, back to painting!


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