Saturday, 27 July 2013

Painting Motivation...and Slayers

I thought I might take a little time in this post to talk about some of the things that keep me motivated. I can at times paint quite quickly, and at others, need a break, but there are a few things that keep me focused rather than jump from project to project.

Probably my main motivation is online painting competitions. Last year I entered all the compeitions at the Bolter and Chainsword for my Imperial Fists. This was ideal for me as at the time I very rarely had time for games (with a new baby in the house) but could still be connected to the hobby and feel productive (and quiet). I found that this was great to put a deadline on what I needed to do, and helped me stay focused. Most of the Imperial Fists I have posted were painted last year, so I did very well!

Its also worth mentioning that I also only have in sight what I am currently painting. I think I have mentioned this before, but everything else is either boxed or put in a draw out of sight. I can get very easily discouraged if there is too much, so I make sure that for myself, there is nothing out. This also includes putting away my models once I have painted them, for the additional fact that I have two boys running around the house and Warhammer is not very safe around their grimy paws. 

Another form of motivation for me was discovering youtube Warhammer battle reports, in particualar Wargamming for Fun. Linked to my inability to have time for games (baby in the house), this was a great source of inspiration to get things painted. Generally I listened to the friendly banter and good and bad luck as I painted, and before I knew it, I was making great headway through units. Can't recommend it enough. It is also worth mentioning, that Wargamming for fun is running an escalation league on their home website, where Ade and Andy are planning on starting a new army from scratch, and you get to see their progress, just like the old White Dwarf Tale of Four Gamers! Great stuff!

Lastly (and more recently) I encountered podcasts for Warhammer. There is a ton out there, and at present have only really listened to one, but I believe it is of very high quality (and shenanigans), The Dwellers Below. They are a more tournament orientated group, however I do enjoy their insights and reviews on different armies. Again, I listen as I paint and that tends to help me stay focused.

These have worked for me, and certainly help me stay focused on getting my models painted, which is a very welcome change, considering in the past I really didn't.

So, is there any else that motivates you? Other youtube channels or podcasts that you like to listen to? Please let me know as I'm always hungry for more!

To finish off, I have painted 2 Slayers since last time. I know I mentioned painting my Chaos Sorceror, but I hit a hurdle in the paint scheme, and it is currently languishing in the shame draw till inspiration strikes. So you will have to make do with these.

Unfortunately, the Dwarf of the right has had his sword cut off at some stage in his history (not by me!), however I couldn't resist painting him anyway. 

Also I have entered a unit this time for the Bugman's painting comp, unsurprisingly it is the last of my Slayer unit. Here's hoping the dealine will keep me focused in finishing these 11 off. 

Back to painting!



  1. I'm in the same situation as you, ever since I became a father I'm playing fewer and fewer actual games. Painting and collecting are becoming the main part of my hobby as well. I like your suggestion of packing away all but a few unpainted miniatures, I'm going to give it a try.

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you, that painting and collecting have become the main facets of the hobby for me as well. It's mainly because I know I need to spend time with my family, so I can't indulge like I used to. Also, I don't like to set up games and such and be the one that cancels, hence why I game quite rarely these days.

      That said, I wouldn't give it up, and I sure have painted a lot since my boys were born. So satisfying that I'm the one that brings fully painted armies to games now. A great feeling!

      I've found for multiple reasons, that packing models away is a good thing. Keeps them out of the way of my boys for one, keeps them dust free and out of the way of the wife for two, and keeps why work space neat and focused. Nothing dulls my enthusiasm than looking at lots of models to paint. I would fully recommend it.

    2. One of my friends and I came up with a chart of what is most enjoyable in hobbies like this:

      - The most enjoyable activity is reading rulebooks and magazines.
      - The second most enjoyable is thinking about which rulebook or magazine you are going to buy.
      - The third most enjoyable is painting miniatures/designing RPG adventures/etc.
      - and finally the last most enjoyable is actually playing the game.

      So I take solace in the thought that in not playing games I am only losing out on the least enjoyable aspect of the hobby ;)

    3. I think my most enjoyable facet of the hobby would be looking at blogs, forums or evilbay. There is so much inspiration out there, and I must admit, I really like the oldhammer scene at the moment. Honestly wish I was in the UK to take advantage of that.

      Second for me would be painting. I find it calming and has more purpose than playing video games (for me), and is great to see on the tabletop all painted. Usually in my gaming group, I was the one with the least painted models, so its good to now have turned the tables.

      Games would be third. Honestly some of the things that come up are just hilarious, and its good to catch up with mates.

      Rulebooks and magazines would be last for me. I don't really spend much time with them these days. I haven't really looked at White Dwarf for a long time.

      Just my 2 cents.