Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dwarfs with Great Weapons

Well, I've decided to finish this unit of Great Weapon Warriors. Originally I was going for 30, but I need a break from them, so for the time being have stopped at 25. Should be okay though as I do have unit fillers to make it 30 or more if I like.

 Here are the last five.

And here is the unit in total. 25 Warriors to defend my realm. Got a few small games of 700 to 1200 pts lined up for a big Warhammer weekend in 6 days hence. I'm glad to report that all my models are fully painted for that evening, so should be a cruisy week! After that I think I'll be starting my slayer unit. Looking forward to that as I have lots of ideas.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think.


  1. They came together really nicely! I always like it when I paint up a unit a bit at a time and them put them all together for the first time.

    1. Cheers! Yeah I must tackle my units in this way as I have found that any more dampens my enthusiasm for painting. For my Imperial Fists I can't do more than 2 at a time, as they are a lot of work to build up the yellow and other bits.

      And yeah, great when I can take the finishing shot!