Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Slayers: A New Hope

Another quick update here. Finished off the first three of the Slayers I need to do for the unit painting challenge at Bugman's. I do intend at the end to add some tattoo's, but for now they are done.

I also noticed that they model on the far left is a GW resculpt of an ealier slayer model. It is slightly different to the original and is thinner with a gloved hand. Amazing what you find when you look at slayers all day!

I also have realised I haven't shared my Beard recipe, so I will endeavour to do so below. These are all using the current GW range (bar one), but really the colours are rather general, so I'm sure you could achieve something similar with other paints.

First a Skrag Brown undercoat
Wash with Agrax Earthshade
Couple of light layers of Troll Slayer Orange
Wash of Baal Red (old wash) to tone done the orange
Wash of Agrax Earthshade to add some depth
Couple of light layers of Troll Slayer Orange but keep the recesses dark
Highlight the tips 1:1 Troll Slayer Orange and Yriel Yellow

Hope that comes in handy!

Only 8 more to go! Cheers!

BTW: Finding it more difficult to think of appropriate post titles with the word Slayer in it. Such Madness!

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