Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Chill wind from the North...

Well, finally finished Throgg. I must say I had quite a bit of trouble painting him, going through many different variations of skin tones to get the one I wanted. Then changing again, and once more after I looked at the unit as a whole. Still, he is done, and I am now pleased with him. Hoping to use him in a game this Saturday against my friends Vampire Counts. Hopefully he doesn't die straight away!

Anyways, here is the King himself. I quite like the icicles on the base. And the blood seeping from that monster of a weapon.

Lastly a group shot of the unit so far. I still have another 5 trolls to paint. I'm thinking, since the scheme isn't too laborious, might try and do all 5 at the same time. However I definately won't be able to do that by Saturday!

I'm thinking I might paint my Chaos Sorceror next. The model I have used is the Avatars of War Lord of Torment, which I aptly name the Tormentor in my games. So far it hasn't been too lucky in games, but I figure a lick of paint may change that.

And that neatly moves me on to my scheme for my Warriors. I'm intending to have a generic scheme for my Warband, and applying marks as need be. Problem is I really like the red and gold scheme, but don't want to be shoe-horned into Khorne, so we shall see how they turn out.

To give you an idea of the scheme itself, I painted this model, last year for a bit of fun. Hope I can remember the paint scheme for it!

 Well, off to paint another character for Saturday's game. 



  1. Looking very brutal! Btw I only just saw your last few Dwarf posts, your army is shaping up very nicely.

    1. Thanks! Took awhile to get Throgg right though, but I am pleased with how he turned out.

      The Dwarfs are going well, really looking forward to using the Slayers. Actually I just bought 25 more that were already painted for a fantastic price. I am hoping all I need to do is re-base and touch up and I got another unit of Slayers!

  2. Very impressive!
    I love the Chaos warrior (The base looks great with snow on it) and think the color scheme is perfect!

    1. Thanks! I've been having continuous crisis of faith with the scheme, and wondering if I should do a more traditional one. I'm thinking at this stage to keep it that scheme, but alter it slightly for the different marks.

      As in I intend to have a Nugle Marked unit of Warriors, so I might make their armour a bit dirtier. Don't know how that will be so we shall see if it works or is a disaster.