Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Slayers - Part 2

Another quick update here. Making some good progress with my Slayers for my Dwarf army. First up are the four I have done to add to the unit. So far I have no doubles of any Slayer, and hopefully I can continue that way for the whole unit. There are quite a few old ones here as well, but rest assured, I do have some of the 'newer' ones as well to do. I have also started to be a little quicker with regards to painting them. I find an undercoat of white primer, followed by a light coat of Skrag Brown over everthing, is a good basecoat, considering the majority of them are either orange beard or flesh. Certainly speeds up the process!

Anyways here are the next four.

A few old ones in there. I have also made sure to make their clothing different, to represent they are from different clans and holds. Plus its a bit of variation.

I have also completed a unit filler for my slayers. I quite like the idea of unit fillers, to add some narrative to the unit, such as Hrothmog for the Miners. Now this model is a Games Day 2005 or 2006 model. I know its not terribly original, and many have done this before, and probably will after, but it seemed to me a natuaral choice. It just looks really cool!

This model arrived on Monday, then I assembled, based, primed and undercoated Monday night. Finished all but a few details on Tuesday night, and finished it this morning. Probably my quickest turn around of a model I have recieved from old evilbay. Not bad at all!

Hope you like it, I did do some tattoo's as well, and maybe in the future I'll add some tattoo's to the other slayers as well. Well, here he is taking a well earned rest atop his latest kill.

 Next up will probably be more Slayers, though I just saw that I won the painting comp at Bugman's again, so Hopefully I can think of a theme encompasing Slayers in it, other than 'Slayer' or 'unit filler'.


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