Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chaos and a touch of Slayer

Well, it has been awhile since I have update this, but I haven been quite busy. I played in a nice 2 vs 2 game last weekend using my Chaos against Night Goblins and Empire, with Dwarfs as my ally (as my friend wanted to try something without magic). Pretty strange match up, but we went with it anyways. Needless to say, I got wiped out by turn 3 I think. Good times. I deduced it was due to my unpainted models, whereas my painted Dwarfs that my friend was using, just would not go down. Lesson learned!

So here is some of the Chaos I have painted since then. First is my mage, Tormentor, using the Avatars of War model. Very cool model, and I use it as a lv3 Sorceror Lord, as Throgg or an exaulted champion take up my Hero slot. Hoping now it will do more than fail to cast!

So now that is all my characters painted. Next up I have finished my unit of trolls. I'm only taking 5 for the time being as I've dropped Throgg and am trying something else (my Exaulted Hero on a daemonic steed). Hoping now they will do a little better!

And the full unit. 
Just incase your interested and I don't forget, here is how I painted them.
Midnight Blue
Nuln Oil wash
Dry brush Midnight Blue
Dry brush Shadow Grey
Dry brush Space Wolves Grey

Steel Legion Drab
Ushabti Bone
Agrax Earthshade Wash

Khorne Red (drybrush)
Blood Red (drybrush)
1:1 Blood Red and Troll Slayer Orange (drybrush)
 Agrax Earthshade Wash

I have also not neglected my Dwarfs and finished a Troll Slayer standard. I've now got 18 painted.

 In progress I have a killer unit of Chaos Warriors on the way. I hope to be able to show my first rank soon. Oh and of course more slayers to paint.


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