Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos VIII - Army Complete!

Got my last big update here for my Chaos. In short, I finished them. The whole lot, 1600pts worth. All done, and just im time to have a little breather before the Dwarfs arrive! What good timing!

So here we are, the last 7 Chaos Warriors.

 So that rounds off the Chaos Warrior unit. I have also finished the banner for the unit as well. I wanted to do another custom banner like the last one, but I wanted a famous quote from a movie on there, as it just suited this unit! Three guesses as to which movie this came from and by whom!

I’m still thinking of adding some small minor details to fill in some more of the banner, like little symbols and such, but I’ll leave it at the moment. In hindsight I think the eye is a little too small, but otherwise I quite like how it came out.

 So having finished this army, I cracked the rest out of the case and took some army photo’s. Here we go!

So that’s my army. Great to have actually finished one for once. I do plan on adding more to it at some stage, but for now I am content to leave it at that, and await the imminent Dwarf release. My Dwarfs could us some reinforcements in the campaign as they are getting thoroughly smashed!
Anyways, thanks for stopping by and for the feedback and encouragement.

I will post more Dwarf stuff soon.



  1. Just found your blog, I like the colour choice you've made with the old chaos champions. It's not often you see them painted with that deep red.... it looks great.

    I like the banner too, Conan never gets old :)

    Just wondering, with the blood effect you've achieved, it looks like it's been done in two stages, is that correct? I like the effect....any chance of a mini tutorial?


    1. Thanks for the kind words and you are quite right, you can never gp wrong with a Conan quote. Usually the soundtrack is playing in the background when my group plays, so its very appropriate!

      As for a tutorial, I can certainly put something together. I'll endeavour to do so in the next few days.