Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chaos in the jungle

Been a little while since I have last posted something. This is mainly due to me taking a little break from painting so I can be fresh for when all the nice new Dwarf models arrive. I must say so far, they are very tasty. Already made an order for the new Gyrocopters/bombers, as well as a few characters as well.

I'm hoping to make the long trek today into GW and get Belegar, so hopefully I will have some pics of that tonight. We shall see.

Anyways, I did manage to catch up with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in 2 years and have a game. Both forces were fully painted and were around 1600pts. I wish I took my proper camera, as the phone camera didn't turn out too well. Next time I must remember this! Still, I thought I'd post the pics anyway, as it was a delightful game and my friend is always a pleasure to play against.

1600pts of Chaos Warriors vs Tomb Kings

My friends army was based around Arkhan the Black, so it was quite cool that he used the old Nagash model as a Heirotitan (or something like that, there were a couple of big things). I took my painted Chaos army. The board was placed, terrain thrown on, and the battle commenced. I think it was meeting engagement and my friend had the first turn.

 My friend got the first turn, but I vanguarded up.
 Unsurprisingly, they didn't last long.

 My Glorious host! Note that on my armylist is a proliferation of reminders about stomp and thunderstomp. It does come in handy!
 Daemon Prince Ommadon suffered Doom and Darkness.
 My turn, all advance!
 My very clumsy attempt of redirecting. In future, I'll make sure there is no possible way through!
 Ommadon charges!
 And takes out the big monster.
 I only managed to up the toughness of my Chaos trolls in the magic with Curse of the Leper.

 Tomb Kings turn 2.
 Stuff pops out of the sand.

 Hierotitan Nagash advances towards Ommadon.
 Chariots with a Tomb Prince smash into my Warriors. My redirecting was a fail! My Warriors managed to win the combat and kill 3 chariots. I do lose some Warriors however.

 Ommadon charges into Arkhan the Black and his skeleton archers. My Trolls and BSB charge into the Heirotitan and kill it.

 My turn, I cast Curse of the Leper on my Warriors with irresistible force and bump their toughness my 2. However the Tormentor suffered a wound and killed a few warriors around him due to the miscast.

 Tomb King turn 3 magic. That there is a Purple Sun. Killed about 6 chaos trolls. Certainly made that Troll unit less intimidating!

 A combined charge of the Tomb Scorpion, Stalkers and the Tomb Prince who was already in combat, finally broke my unit of Warriors.

 Ommadon and my Trolls finish off the Skeleton archers and Arkhan the black. They take a victory pose!

 The Tomb Scorpion chages the warhounds and kills a few, then they break. Everything else points at Ommadon and the Trolls with the BSB.
 Ommadon charges and wipes out the Tomb Stalkers. Trolls just move up.
 Warhounds rally!
 All in. Both charge into the Trolls and BSB Astaroth.
Astaroth and the lone troll wipe out them out.

So end game being victory for the forces of chaos!

Twas a fun match and I'm looking forward to the next one.

In other news, I'm back to painting now as I have bought and primed my first new Dwarf model. Stay tuned!

Back to it.


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