Friday, 10 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos V Chaos Warriors

Got another update here. Another two Warriors for my final unit. Both Khorne models, and one a very old one. Like I have mentioned before (maybe), my army is multimark, and I wanted my Warrior unit to be all armed different and potentially hae different marks. That way gamewise I can try different combinations and it represents my background and ideal of the amy, being that it is the sole plaything of my Daemon Prince Ommadon and he travels to defeat championd and gets them to join his unholy host. That’s the idea anyway, which is why you may find later on some other different marked models in there.

Anyways, here is some pics.

 Group shot.

And lastly is wip for my standard for this unit. I wanted something different so I used a newer Chaos Lord model as the base, and with some brass rod made a banner pole. I wanted some shields on it cos I thought it would look cool. Banner of course will be paper, but I’ll design that at the end. 

Anyways, thanks for looking.


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