Monday, 20 January 2014

Break from the Chaos with Dwarf Longbeards

Well, I ran out of Chaos models for my last unit. I'm still awaiting 7 old Chaos Warrior models to arrive in the post, so I thought I'd clear the painting desk of some clatter and paint the Longbeards that have been there.

This 5 brings my total to 15 I think. Halfway! My intention is to finish off my Chaos army (7 models left!), then that gives me a break from the Dwarfs so when they get released next month, I'll be able to focus on them. That's the idea anyway.

Here they are. Great models.

 Tonight, my gaming group are running the start of the next season of Blood in the Badlands campaign. That was another bit of incentive to get these Dwarfs painted. Hopefully I can do better this season! I'll try and remember my camera as well!


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