Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Warriors of Chaos VI Chaos Warriors and a Standard

Well, got round to finishing a few more Chaos Warriors. A couple of those are old models, but I still like them. Be good to get a game with them sometime after all these years.

A newish Chaos Lord of Khorne. Really cool model. Really like the pose.

I love the menace this guy exudes. Really cool!

Next I have finished my Standard, though I haven’t done the banner yet. Hope that’s alright!

I used the new Chaos Lord as a base, hacked off the top of his weapon and used brass rod for the structure and stuck shields on it. The centre shield I wanted to represent a captured daemon, hence the glowing eyes. At the back end of the shield you can see the daemonic corruption that I have done. Originally I was going for tied rope and what not, but my greenstuff skills failed massively, so in the end came upwith this. Hope it looks good!

Anyways, here is where he is at.

Lastly a group shot.

Next, more Warriors! Only 10 more to go.


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