Friday, 27 December 2013

Warriors of Chaos III Chaos Trolls

Finally finished off my Chaos Troll unit that I started long ago. I now have 8 fully painted. I kept the paint scheme similar to the others, except I added a Nuln Shade at the end to darken the recesses.

Here they are.

Group shot of the unit. I have even found out the way they can all rank up easily.

I have also managed to get a start on my last unit (for now) of Chaos Warriors. Now the colour scheme is he same as my Battle Standard, not because I plan on following Khorne (all the time anyway), but I have always liked the crimson and gold armour for Chaos. So that's how I'm painting mine.

For the unit itself, since I have only 20, I wanted to make it special. I have collected a number of old and new metal models for the unit, to ensure all are unique. I envision that my Warband is very roughshod, considering it is in the command of Ommagon the Daemon Prince. To keep with this rough theme, and my own personal idea that Chaos Warriors would probably just fight with their chosen weapons all the time, most of the models in the unit are armed with a whole selection of things. I think it will look cool, and as long as the opponent knows what they are armed with and with what Mark, I don't think it should be too much of a problem.

Anyways enough waffle, here are the first 2 completed warriors.

This is the Limited Edition model, from the 25th Anniversary of Warhamer, Harry the Hammer. Great model.

This is the old Crom the Conqueror model, that I have had for a very long time.

 2 down, 18 to go!

As I have already mentioned, I painted the armour similar to the BSB.

Black Undercoat
Khorne Red
Blood Red Highlight (old paint)
Red Wash (any red shade will do)
Nuln Oil shade
Blood Red highligh the middle and upraised parts of the armour

I've also got a pic of my growing Chaos Army, Most of it painted in the last 2 weeks. Not bad!

Thanks for stopping by, back to painting.


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