Monday, 22 April 2013

Why is it that I can't just stay away?

Imperial Fists.

My third marine army.

My first army was Space Wolves circa 2nd edition, and a project Intend to one day get back to. I have all the old models still, plus a bunch of old limbs and shoulder pads, its one of my long long burning projects that may one day see light. But I get distracted.

My second marine army was the Blood Angels, circa 4th Edition. They were fun, and I was able to baptise the fresh new Apocolypse game with a Battle Company of these guys. Was fun. Then the 'new' codex came out. Saw the new models. Saw my models. Realised I would have to scrap everthing as I really liked the new models. Motivation for painting red at this stage was at an all time low. Eventually I sold the army and its motor pool (cept for a few choice bits).

Finally, the third army, Imperial Fists. I have attempted to paint Imperial Fists for a very long time. I think since 2nd Edition. I never got far. I was envious of all those wonderfully talented people with Imperial Fist armies, and I wanted to field my own set of yellow marines on the table top. Finally, after many failed experiments, and after the waning interest in Blood Angels, I did it. I painted some models I was proud to show people.

Here is the first squad I every did, led by that limited edition sgt.

2nd Squad and then a few characters.

This is one of the first models I did. This model alone is responsible for me in the early stages of painting to keep coming back to the Imperial Fists. A model I am proud of to this day. Based off Sicarius and a few extras, this inspired me to have small heraldric shields for all my characters, veterans and sgts.

Before I knew it, within a year I had made it to this.

Thats a lot of yellow. Finally to cap it off, I made a fellblade. I'll do another post sometime about the full journey, you can at least witness the finished piece.

This one exhausted my limited remaining stock of GW Golden Yellow. Now i was stuck. So I needed a new formula before I could proceed and declared I could do no more the Imperial Fists till then.

That didn't last as long as I thought.

Here I have a set of Sterguard I have wanted to do for a very long time. I usually get ideas and inspiration for projects years in advance and then just let the peices simmer for that appropriate motivation to strike. Last night, it struck for these guys. Let me know what you think.

A mixture of marks and limited edition figures makes this unit rather unique. Which is what I like. Inaddition its going to be fun to do their heraldry as well. The drum magazines are from Anvil Industries, and were very easy to use. Fit perfectly. All the other bits are from my bits box. The sculpted pads are a conscious choice for me, as this army I wanted no transfers, and to look like they are on an extended campaign in a ruined city. Hence all the trappings and such on all the models and tanks. I really like the feel of it. Plus they look awesome on the tabletop.

Hoping I can get to these ones soon, as I want to make more, though the Dwarf miners have precedence. What do you think?


  1. Great job, yellow is not an easy colour to paint. Is that a pair of very rare 1980s land raiders I see at the back? The limited edition officer models and the conversions are tastefully chosen. I really like this army, the mix of editions makes it look very veteran and I guess that makes the sternguard an obvious next addition. I would personally paint them before the miners, but I don't play WFB so I'm a bit biased. Finding an exact match for the golden yellow will be hard though!

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, you have good eyes. Those are a couple of old RT Land Raiders. I liberated them and fixed them up again, and pressed them back into service. Did that too with the old 2nd Ed land speeders. At some stage I want the old 2nd ed Whirlwind, and update the Rhino chassis just like I've done with the old Razorbacks. Those mix of parts really do look great, and have a nice amount of nostalgia about them as well. Plus the veterancy you have mentioned as well.

    Its going to be really hard to finish those miners, as these guys are really itching for some paint. Plus I need to see if I can replicate my yellow. We'll see if I can withstrain myself!

  3. *sigh*

    If only I could have an army like that... Excellent work, Liam.

    1. Cheers! :D

      It only took a considerable amount of time and a lot of Golden Yellow. I'm due for a new army pic though, with the Fellblade Edelweis.

  4. Pretty nice army indeed! The mixture of minis and bits gives them lots of personality, I believe that's the key. Impressive :)

    1. Thanks very much! Everyone wants a unique force, and I wanted to incorporate some old models, and revive them for active service. Plus there is something special about fielding a RT Land Raider in current games. You know they have seen alot of action!

      I have really put in extra effort with this army, in terms of the bits and conversions. Which is added incentive to not sell it!

      Might have to take an indepth look and post some close ups at one stage.

      Thanks for looking.

    2. Oh, close ups are mandatory for this army! :)