Saturday, 8 June 2013

Imperial Fists - An indepth look - Part 2

Here is my second installment of my Imperial Fists army. The intention was to just post the vehicles, but I realised that I forgot to post my command squad last time, so I will rectify that now.

My 'epic' command squad. All metal models, and all armed with Storm Shields. Used them twice I think. They took a long time to die. I figured that if they are to follow the commander into the harshest arenas of war, they could use some protection. That and since they are veterans, they get their pick of the armour. They are a very expensive unit (260 or 270 I think, been awhile), but they were great fun to paint, and I really enjoyed making their individual heraldry. Banner of course is from the Grey Knights.

Now, onto the vehicles! All my vehicles make use of either the Forge World Imperial Fist doors where appropriate of the GW Imperial Fists Icon pack. Basically, there was to be no illusion as to what chapter these vehicles belonged to.

 First tank I panted.
 This was an interesting update of the old metal Razorback, but fitted onto a new Rhino Chassis. I have another one floating around, awaiting the same treatment. Such a fun model to paint, and the red really works well I think. The gunner is made up of the new plastic crew, but like all my marines, has the Imperial Fists metal shoulder pad.
My first Dreadnought Auron.  First game with him, he destroyed 2 penetant engines, ran down a large unit of Sisters of Battle, and took out some jump pack Sisters (forget the name). Not bad for a regular Dreadnought!

 My Second Rhino. The mobility was most appreciated at the time.
 I need a better photo of these guys. They are the old 2nd Edition Land Speeders. I thought they looked more heavy and siege like, than the new model. I made sure to make each driver, do something different with his free hand, be it with a pistol, gripping the controls, or my favourite, giving the thumbs up! Had that converted hand for years, awaiting a spot.
 My Ironclad. Its based off the Forge World Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought. Just shaved off the the ultra symbols and replaced it with the relevant badges. Also did OSL on his lenses. I also made more of an effort with the base. Overall, very pleased how he turned out.
 Rogue Trader Land Raider 'Indomitable'. Still used in games.

 Rogue Trader Land Raider 'Dauntless'. Also still used in games. I added lots of gubbins to these models.

 Imperial Fists Fellblade 'Edelweiss'. Took 1 month solid to build then nearly two months to paint. Monster of a project, but very happy with it. I made it before Forge World did theirs, but I am still pleased with it. Need to use it in a game sometime.
 Chronos. I made sure he can be removed and put in other tanks.

And that is it for my Imperial Fists. Currently there is still my Sternguard to do, but we shall see. Mext update will be a big one for the Dwarfs. Have painted a lot of warriors, plus managed to win the Bugman's monthly contest with my Gob-Lobber. So now I picked Slayer as June's painting Challenge. Will have an update about that soon as well.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Great post! I've got quite a bit of treadhead in my DNA so that was awesome.

  2. I can only imagine how many games those land raiders have seen in their lifetime. Awesome job on the army as usual, and the thumbs up on the land speeder pilot is gold!

    And congrats on the bugmans win!

    1. Cheers! I've had that pilots hand for a very long time. I think I got the idea ages ago when I saw Kim Syberg's Space Wolf army back in White Dwarf. I think it was the first one I bought. He had it on a Long Fang, so with the help of someone more experience (I was only just into the hobby), we made the thumbs up arm. It was so precious, I didn't know what to use it on. When it finally came to do these Land Speeders, I knew I could finally use it (nearly 20 years after the fact!)

      Oh and so happy about the win. It was very close though!

  3. What a lovely amazing collection you have! I love all the tiny details that make your army more than just a buch of minis, but a real effort of charm. Great! Bravo!

    1. Thanks! I've spent a lot of effort with them, and am very pleased with the result. Just need time for more games with them.

    2. Ahhh, that's the real problem! But it's really delightful playing with or against an army like that.

    3. Absolutely, everytime I get the chance to have a game (which is difficult with 2 kids), it really feels great to push them around the tabletop. That and it seems that Fantasy is the go to game at the moment with the people I get to play against.

  4. A truly impressive army you have there.
    Very nicely painted!
    The old Land Raider is so stylish in its simplicity.
    (I have to paint my own soon)!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Thanks! Those old Land Raiders have seen some battles. I do enjoy fielding them everytime, just because I think they look so cool!