Friday, 17 April 2015

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Captain of the Imperial Fists 5th Company, Master of the Marches. Brother Captain Lachdannan.

Pict shot of Captain Lachdannan after the pacification of the Ortega Asteriod Belt.
Captain Lachdannan has been in active service for 128 Terran years. Recruited on the Hive World of Necromunda, Lachdannan established himself as a competent marksman in the ranks of 10th Company. His first engagement saw him and his squad pitted against the Traitor Iron Warriors Legion on the agri world Cernunnos. Against insurmountable odds, Lachdannan alone was the sole survivor of his squad after their recon mission, having successfully sabotaged and blown a dam onto the Traitor Legion's supply line.

It was in his 7th year as a full fledged marine that he earned the Marksmanship honour for eliminating a mob of Nobz in defence of the citizens of Meloncha. This deployment also saw him rise to the command of his squad. In the aftermath of this ddeployment, Brother Lachdannan was selected from the hopefuls of the Chapter to be re-deployed to the Deathwatch. Below is his transcribed Apocryphon Oath.

It was during his tenure with the Deathwatch that Lachdannan was groomed for greater command and responsibilities, and he did honour to the chapter during the hundreds of deployments with the Deathwatch. It was his last deployment however, where he lost his eye to the Horror of Lynchos. Although he managed to overcome the beast and help his Deathwatch Brothers kill it, it also coincided the death of his Mentor, Captain Sharroth of the Raven Guard Chapter.

When brother Lachdannan was returned to the chapter, his was immediately assigned to the 5th Companies Honour Guard. It was here that we was further groomed for command, and took over the responsibilities of the 5th Company of his 84th year. To this date, he and his company have upheld the tenets of Rogal Dorn, and stood against the implacable night assailing humanity. 


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Hope you liked that little break from the norm! I just finished painting up my entry for the Imperial Fists sub-forum over at the Bolter and Chainsword. It was a very simple one, where I had to paint up a character. I just thought I'd write a little backstory as well.

Here are some proper pics of my Captain Lachdannan.

Great pose. Loved this model when it was released.

As always, added his heraldry to his shield for past actions of valor.

Tried to add some texture to his hair with brush strokes.

Captain Lachdannan, ready for orders!

I'm rather happy with how he turned out. A lovely addition to my forces.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Woooooow! Amazing work on this one!!

    1. Thanks Suber! Decided to do something a little different and give this model a little background. Painting wise, just gave him more highlights. Glad you like it! Now onto more Veterans! Cheers!