Monday, 6 April 2015

Imperial Fists - Sternguard/veterans update

I've decided to try and make some more progress on the Sternguard squad I started ages ago. I feel the need to get them up to scratch as they are a great unit in 40k, and I can certainly see the potential in 30k (sniper veterans are crazy good).

So I have made some progress on these. They are close to being finished, with just details, weathering and bases to do. Once they are done, I actually will have 5 finished, which will be nice.

Here they are.

 I do like that pose with the knife. I think its from the Chaos Marines set. From an unknown edition.

 I am a fan of this pose. This is an old re-purposed Blood Angel from my old army. I just had to add that cool sheathed blade. He looks like he knows how to use it.
 Since this model is one of the old old metal ones, I could put my usual Imperial Fist shoulder pads on him, so I instead fell back on some shaky and dodgy freehand.
Getting close with these guys.

Thanks for looking!



  1. I love the work you are doing to your Imperial Fists. Colourful and tasty. Good job!

    1. Thanks very much! Nearly got these guys done, so hopefully will have an update today.

  2. Really liking the work on these models! Yellow is such a hard colour to paint, but you've done it well!

    1. Cheers! Yellow is not easy to pull off, though I must admit its a lot easier now than it used to be. That and seeing a bunch of yellow marines on the table is a sight to see. Thanks for stopping by!