Sunday, 31 May 2015

Blood in the Badlands Campaign conclusion

I have certainly been idle for quite some time, mainly due to life. I figured I would post up some photo's from the conclusion game of our Blood in the Badlands Campaign. We decided to just have an all on all Triumph and Treachery game, with Gav and I having an addition 100pts (I think) for the extra territory we had on the map. We played this game 5 months ago, so I do appolgise, I just got too busy!

Anyways, you can at least look at the action and I'll leave a belated conclusion at the end.

 My friend Cail's beautifully painted Night Goblins engage the spectral Undead.

 My lovely gyrocopters fly around, attempting to be a menace.
 Fanatics make short work of it though...
 Good ol Dwarf movement is quite limited.

 30 odd Longbeards stare down the Night Goblin Deathstar with Skarsnik and lots of Big Bosses with Great Weapons.

 I lost a lot of Longbeards it seems, though I didn't break. They broke apart due to another fight being fought.
 The Lizardmen sally forth!
 I do recall my Longbeards staring them down for a very long time!
Hammerers with Grimwald the Surly smash into the Saurus. I believe they killed a lot, then ran them down. Either way, this was game at this point.

A very enjoyable conclusion to the end of the Campaign. Gav with his Undead came away with the game so very well done to him. I believe I was second as I had only 50 to 100 points down on him so close! Ahh well, perhaps next time.

Thanks for looking!


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