Sunday, 12 April 2015

Freebooterz vs Salamanders - Green vs Green Round 2

I recently had a game again against me friends Salamanders. Again this was a 1000pt game, pitting the forces of Kaptin Oddgrum Ded'ey against Vulkan Hestan's chosen forces. Again we played the Maelstrom of War mode (I think, either way the one with the cards), and I was eager to see if my last game was a total fluke, or if I really did get some Ork mojo back.

The Mission
We decided to use the mission cards again. This time, we would get an amount equal to the turn number we were on. So 1st Turn would be 1, 2nd be two and so on.  As always the Kaptin needs lots of loot to keep the loyalty of his boyz, so again we had objectives to claim for.

Freebooter Forces of Oddgrum Ded'ey
Kaptin Oddgrum Ded'ey
Power Klaw
Boss pole
Lucky Stick
Twin-linked Shoota
'eavy Armour

Big Mek 'Smee'
Kustom Force Field


6 Nobz
'Eavy Armour
2 Power Klaws
2 Combi-shootas

20 Shoota Boyz
2 Big Shootaz
Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

13 Shoota Boyz
1 Big Shoota
Nob, Bosspole

20 Slugga Boyz
Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

3 Zzap Guns

Imperial Space Marines, Salamanders Chapter
Vulcan Hestan

5 Assault Marines
2 Flamers
Drop Pod

5 Assault Marines
2 Flamers
Drop Pod

10 Tactical Marines

10 Tactical Marines

5 Devastators
4 Missile Launchers

5 Legion of the Damned
Sgt, Power Maul

 Kaptin Ded'ey issues forth a howl and all the Orks surge forward. His own unit of Nobs however start bickering about the spoils that they will have before the game has even begun, and are bogged down in the copse of trees as a result.
 The first mission card I got. Typical I thought.
 The Marines move forward to secure objectives. The Drop pod missfored and I placed in the far corner, where the assault marines will take the longest to get into the action.
 Kaptin Ded'ey lets out an almighty WAAAGH! and the boys rush forward, crashing into the tactical Squad that moved up. They felled 7 of the mighty Space Marines and took little casualties in return, and move up after them, away from the objective.
 Da boyz rushing towards new objectives/loot.
 The marines open fire, in an effort to thin the ranks of the orks. The missile launchers reap a heavy toll.
 The Legion appear in front of the zzap guns.

 Da boyz all rush in, securing objectives as they can.
 The shoota boyz take some shots at the Damned, but only achieve some cosmetic damage.
 The Slugga boyz assault and chop up the remaining marines, then consolidate back to the objective in the building behind them.
 The Shoota boyz assault and wipe out the Damned in close combat. Then start the trudge back to the objective before the Kaptin can see.

 Hestan spots an opbjective on the old temple and makes a run for it, but fails to make the distance.
 More assault marines come down from the heavens, and flame the shoota boyz in revenge.
 The Devastators do considerable damage to the Shoota boyz, even wounding the Nob.
 All that's left of the shoota boyz on the right flank after the drop pod marines lit them up.
 Final turn, the Kaptin and his crew all make for Hestan and his unit. They assault in and effectively kill all the marines bar the sgt, and the Kaptin cuts Hestan down.

Unfortunately we had to stop at his stage due to time, however it was a clear victory to the Orks (7 to 2 I think). Kaptin Oddgrum Ded'ey attains victory for his krew once more. For certain the forces of the Salamanders have a grudge against the old sea rat. We shall see if they will have their revenge.

I'm planning on getting the big gunz finished next (its just the crew that is left) and then I really want to get my Flash Gitz together, as there is no unit more fitting for this army than that.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Haha, looks like fun! Da green is da best! :D

    1. Green is certainly da best, especially when they are back stabbing pirates! Good fun to play a 'classic' 40k match up, Marines vs Orks.