Friday, 25 October 2013

Last of the Dwarf Engineer's and a campaign on the horrizon

It has been a little while since my last update. This is primarily due to taking some time away from painting, running out of my crutch of Agrax Earthshade, and work. Still I;ve managed to finally finish off this engineer, so now my warmachines will be a little safer.

Here he is in all his glory.

In other news my gaming group are planning on running a Warhammer Campaign which I am looking forward to. We are using the Mighty Empires set, as I've had it sitting there for a long time, so its good to get some use out of it. We are also going to use the rules given in the Blood in the Badlands book as they seem quite interesting and also for some reason I have lost the Mighty Empires book (no idea where it is). Still, tomorrow night we are going to put the map together and get started. We are going for 12 game turns and seeing which empire has the most land and the most relics.

The empires at the moment are;
Dwarfs - Me
Empire - Gav
Night Goblins - Cail
Lizardmen - Adrian

I decided to go Dwarfs for this and not one of the others as I have painted a lot of stuff for them, and plus they will be getting an update hopefully sometime during the campaign so I can try out some new funky stuff when that happens.

Well, I'll be sure to take some photo's of the first night of games.

Cheers for stopping by.

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