Monday, 28 October 2013

Blood in The Badlands Campaign

Well as promised, here are the details of the first night of gaming for the Blood in the Badlands Campaign, which we started in Saturday night.

To recap, its a 12 turn campaign split into 4 seasons, and starting off with Spring. Each Empire started off with 6 areas of land adjacent to their capital.

Our illustrious generals are:
A Dwarf Throng under the command of Grimwald the Surly - Me
Empire - Gav
A Night Goblin hoarde led by Skarsnik (and Gobbla) - Cail
Lizardment - Adrian

Out evening started off with making the map, and since I have never really used this set, we had to improvise and used jellybeans as flags for our realms. The Empire and Dwarfs made an early alliance, as did the Lizardmen and the Night Goblins for some nefarious reason.

The first game turn was uneventfull, as we were just getting used to moving and doing the events on the campaign map. The second turn is where we had 2 major clashes, Between the hated Dwarfs and cursed Night Goblins and between the Heroic Empire and the dastardly Lizardmen.

In my game, in short, I got well and truely annihilated. As a result my army was wiped out from the campaign map, not to come back till next season! Not a good start! To add insult to injury, Grimwald my General and overall leader of the Campaign fell in battle to a killing blow from Gobbla and now Fears all Night Goblins! Another grudge to add to my growing tome!

The game between the Empire and Lizardmen faired a little better but still resulted in a Lizardmen win. Again the Empire army was wiped off the map till next season. Truely not a optimal start to our campaign!

We played one more turn to finished the season, of which only 1 battle is to take place, between the Empire and Lizardmen. However as it was close to 1pm (and with my sons birthday the next day), we called it an evening. Here is the campaign map at the end of season 1.

 Here is a key to the map so you can see the current standings.

Aqua Jellybeans - Lizardmen
1 - Lizardmen Army
2- Lizardmen Army
3 - Lizardmen General's Army

White Jellybeans - Night Goblin's
4 - Night Goblin's General's (Skarsnik) Army
5 - Night Goblin'sArmy
6 - Night Goblin'sArmy

Pink/orange Jellybeans - Empire
7 - Empire army
8 - Empire army

Blue Jellybeans - Dwarfs
9 - Fuergil Firebeard's Dwarf army
10 -  Snorri Axebiter;s Dwarf army

The others did have names for their heroes leading there armies, but I don't have a copy of it. However I'll endeavour to get a hold of it next time.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening which made me think of what I could do against the Night Goblins. I think it may give me some ideas of what to paint for the next campaign night! We shall see what comes out of it.

Thanks for reading.


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