Friday, 14 June 2013

Of Dwarfs and Trolls...

Its been a hectic time at work so I haven't painted as much as normally do, however I do have a bunch of models that I just haven't revealed yet for no other reason than sloth.

I recently came to the decision that Dwarfs with Great Weapons is pretty good. So having made the decision I then needed to paint some. I know I really want to paint my Slayers, so I thought I'd do these guys and the Slayers can be my reward unit. So I decided a unit of 30 would be sufficient for my needs. The only Dwarf warrior models I have are the old 6th Ed ones. To be honest, when they first came out I really wasn't a fan, but they have grown on me, especially since I;ve painted a few by now. So here is a few pics of the first 20. Again with cream and blue being the spot colours, I mixed it up a bit and swamped them round the models to make them a little more individual. They still look cohesive, and I like the result.

I also managed to get not one but two games in with my friends Nigh Goblins. The first game was continuing are underground scenario battle from Blood in the Badlands. He won and progressed to the next scenario. I call it a moral victory as I wasn't completly wiped out this time.

The second game was just a random 3000 point game. Its been a real long time since I have played those size of games, so I basically just took all my painted stuff, and lo and behold I now know that I can make 3000 points as soon as I finish the GW unit and a Runesmith.

The game itself I thought was great fun, and we both got to try some new things. I tried out a tank lord, who worked as well as i thought he would, just soaking damage and managed to kill three characters including the general in challenges. I must point out though  that I did have a significant advantage in this game as my Throng were defending a Dwarf Brewery (it was a random rolled settlement! Honest!) so that made and Dwarf unit within 6" unbreakable. Needless to say, my Ironbreakers didn't go anywhere and eventually at the end of the game, I had whittled enough Grobi down to secure the win. A wonderful day, even better as I got to see my whole army on the battlefield painted. I just wish I had the wit to take some pictures.

So on the advent of that game (and the fact that some other friends are getting into the hobby), there is now coming up a games night. One of my friends doesn't have an army to game with so I thought I'd lend him my Warriors of Chaos army I bought earlier this year. In preparation for this game I have made a few lists, and painted one model, let me know what you think!

I wanted a quick scheme, and I loved Adrian Smith's picture of the Chaos Trolls in the army book, so I kept it kinda standard. Of course where these is one troll there are others. I managed to get my grimy paws on Throgg (what a nice model), but as the games are first to be 700 then 1000, I can at least put him in the 1000pt list. I also managed to score a bunch of Chaos Trolls omn evilbay for a decent price, though I hope they aren't just recasts. Anyways, enough rambling. Going to have a hobby night tonight (instead of working again), so hoping to dive into Throgg (did I mention that is one sweet model).

Oh and I thought I'd leave you with this. Scored it on evilbay for a cool $50. Bargains do exist! Finally have my cook!


  1. Looking great as always, I have no idea how you paint so fast. Dwarfs vs Goblins is always a good match up, there's always plenty of storyline going on in the background! I very rarely see people painting stuff from the Dwarf range so it's interesting to see these photos that you have posted up. And congrats on getting hold of the cook, it's great that a whole extra gob lobber came with it too!

    1. Cheers! Yeah I can paint quick if I'm properly motivated. Might need to make a post about that some time. Although of course Warhammer Quest is sucking my free time at the moment. Such goodness.

      And I was quite chuffed when I got that second complete Gob Lobber. Now I can have drunk Dwarfs, a cook, and a beer wagon at the back of my army having their pre-battle/battle drinks!