Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bugman's Cart, a morale boost

Small update here. Finished off a half painted Bugman's Cart that has been sitting around since last year. I thought I better finish it as it fullfills two roles, one being a unit filler of eight, and second as a baggage train. Idea being that If I'm not using it as a unit filler, it can hang round the back of my artillery to parch their thirsts during the game. Quite like that idea!

Here it is, Bugman's best.

Let me know what you think.

This is only the first of my planned baggage train. For those not in the know, you could take a baggage train in 3rd Ed, which now serves no purpose, I still like the idea. I'm thinking of getting some carts from Battleforge just to flesh out, and perhaps at some stage getting some non combatant Dwarfs from Lead Adventures and also from WhiteKnight Miniatures. Just for fun really.

Next on the painting table I think is going to be a revamp of my old 6th Ed plastic warriors with Great Weapons, as I think its something I really need for my Dwarfs. That and Night Goblin netters are really getting annoying. After them, I have something special planned with a massive unit of Slayers. I really love Slayers, and I know they aren't the greatest choice, but the models and fluff is too cool to ignore, and I think they will fit a charm in my underground battles. Here's hoping I can steam through those Warriors (there is only 30 *sigh*) and get to my reward unit.

Let me know what you think? Any other good manufacturers of Dwarf civilians you know of?


  1. One of my friends bought one of these in 1994 and claimed that it was the "Bugman's Flagon" Magic Item Card. I tried to tell him that a flagon was a kind of cup, but he was convinced it was the cart, because flagon sounds like wagon. Frustrating! In the end he was unable to figure out how to put it together anyway. I like the way you have painted the wood, and the little details like the leaves on the ground really add a nice touch. I know I've said this before, but mixing old and new models in the current edition gets a big thumbs up from me.

    1. lol That is quite the tale! Least he never used it as such, only argued as such. Totally agree with your about mixing old and new to get a unique force. All my armies are like that, especially my Dwarfs, Imperial Fists and my Dark Elves.

      Just has that right mix of nostalgia and new.

  2. I know Armorcast do some nice Dwarf civilians, not sure how expensive they would be if you purchase outside of North America though.

    The extra lengths we go to, making our battlefields look as good as possible. It always serves a purpose! Never let it be said otherwise! :)

    1. Thanks! I tried looking at Armorcast at your suggestion, but couldn't find the Dwarfs I was looking for. Not an easy site to navigate. Don't suppose you have a link handy?

      Too true about making battlefields look good. Though I really do need to paint that battlefield board. So much to do!

    2. Actually, yeah, the Armorcast site is a black hole without a link.

      Try this link

      If that doesn't work just type Dwarf into the site's search bar (on left).

    3. Awesome, thanks for that. Quite nice models so I'll have to give it a go. Cheers!